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TR Agro Research, an Organic Brand: Working for the Benefit of Farmers

Amit Bhatt
Amit Bhatt

Jyoti Sharma, Krishi Jagran, Journalist attended the Pusa Krishi mela at ICAR-Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi , to see and report on the progress being made at the mela and to meet the farmers present there. The Krishi Mela was held in the last week of February 2021.   

On Friday she met Anand Sharma, Marketing Head of TR Agro Research, which is a unit of TR Solvent Oils Pvt. Limited based out of Haryana. She started by asking him to provide details about himself and his organization. He started by thanking Krishi Jagran for stopping by at his kiosk to talk to him. He said the brand TR Agro started in 1970. They were the first to utilise waste in India. His grandfather was awarded Rashtrapati prizes four times in his working lifespan.  

They have invented a type of manure, which when used on a crop, will work towards reducing the irrigation water amount needed by the crop. It can be used by farmers growing fruits and vegetables and it will improve the quality of your produce. Then he talked about their organic pesticide which will cure your crops from all kind of pests and will work for all type of crops, even on cotton plants. This organic pesticide should be used every 4 days for its effectiveness. He said inorganic pesticides are a big problem around the country and we all in the farming community must fight this menace together. He said these inorganic pesticides do more harm than good by causing a number of illness to both farmers and consumers.

His organic pesticide is available in 300 ppm. He said organic products provide more money than inorganic products, due to the demand for organic food materials. Even if you produce less organic products you will be able to sustain yourself  better than with inorganic farming. He again talked about his "Podh Shakti" organic manure saying that they developed it keeping the farmers and consumers in mind and made sure that it does not have any adverse effects on them.  

For sale of their products they go to rural areas, to big landowners and hold meetings with farmers and explain the qualities of their products. He said most of the initial customers are educated farmers. And after the success of our products in their farm more people buy our products to repeat the success that they have seen in these farms. They not only sell their products nationwide but they even export them.  

He continued that their "Neem" products are of highest quality. To manufacture these you first have to peel the skin of the neem fruit. It's difficult to manufacture these but they produce these for the benefit of the farmers and their customers. Once sprayed the "Neem" products will last for days, proven by the smell which the crops retain. He promised that no pests or insects will affect the crops on which these "Neem" products are used. 

He said that the Krishi Mela, while the country is in lockdown during the pandemic, is a gift from the government to the farmers. The scientists talk about their yearly progress and we get a lot to learn. He said so far the Krishi Mela has been a great success.  

On being asked about any suggestions he may have for the farming community, he said that all farmers should now do farming the organic way. This will be good for them and the country. They should work hard, should not get distracted and make good income. He said farmers must monitor their crops daily to see their progress and should not leave them on nature. He said farmers should treat their role as a daily wage worker, whose income may be deducted if he does not work every day. He said increasing use of fertilizers and pesticides would reduce the soil fertility. The cells in the soil die because of these and the farmer is stuck in the cycle of using the fertilizers and pesticides more and more, to keep up his production. Organic farming brings these dead cells to life and hence improves productivity, with less water required for irrigation.  

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