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UPDATE! CBSE Board Exam 2019: Tips, Pattern, Sample Paper for Class 10 English Exam

CBSE has scheduled the class 10 board exam for English Communicative and English Language and Literature on March 23, 2019. The patterns for both the papers are same and are conducted for 80 marks each.

Tooba Maher
CBSE Class 10 Board Exam

CBSE has scheduled the class 10 board exam for English Communicative and English Language and Literature on March 23, 2019. The patterns for both the papers are same and are conducted for 80 marks each.  

Tips for Students Writing English Exam: 

  • A useful tip for students writing English exam is to stick to the word limit prescribed for a question. By following this instruction, they can easily complete the paper with minutes to spare.

  • Utilize the 15 minutes time given before the exam to read the question paper.

  • Read each question and instruction carefully. Every question comes with specific instruction about word limit, number of question to be attempted etc.

    There will be three sections in the question paper- Reading, Writing and Grammar, and Literature. 

  • The first two sections of the question paper will assess your knowledge of the language.

  • The last section will focus on your understanding of the literature prescribed in the syllabus.

CBSE Class 10 English Language and Literature Sample Paper- 


 CBSE Class 10 English Communicative Sample Paper- 


Pattern of CBSE Class 10 English Paper- 

Section A 

Section A of the question paper is Reading Comprehension. It will have two passages. The first passage will contain direct questions. There will be 8 questions from the passage which should be answered in one sentence. 

For second passage, there will be four direct questions each carrying 2 marks. These questions should also be answered in one or maximum two short sentences. Besides, there will be four questions worth 1 mark each. These questions will consist of fill in the blanks type, or synonyms/antonyms type. 

Before attempting the questions, students must read the passage carefully. In direct questions, students must write short and to-the-point answers. 

Section B 

The second section in the question paper will consist of Writing and Grammar. It will carry 30 marks in total. On letter writing, there will be one question worth 8 marks. There will be two options for this question and students can attempt only one. Next question will be on short-story writing carrying 10 marks. Also there will be a prompt given for short story writing. 

While attempting writing part of the section, stick to the theme of the question.  

Coming to the grammar part, there will be three questions with four sub-questions carrying one mark each. Read the questions carefully before writing your answer.  

Section C 

The last section is Literature which carries 30 marks. One question will be based on an extract from any of the chapters from prescribed textbook. It will carry four marks. There will be four questions carrying 2 marks each which will be based on stories and plays prescribed in the syllabus. 

One long answer type question will be there based on one of the chapters given in the text book and will carry 8 marks. 

There will also be 2 long answer type questions each from the novels prescribed in the syllabus. 

In literature, students should revise all the chapters carefully and identify central characters, famous quotes, poets etc. For long answer type questions, re-read the summary of the texts and novels. Go through the central theme of each poem, play, story and novel as it is always relevant to the question asked. 

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