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Uttarakhand Wellness Summit 2020 Roadshow Aims at Promoting Untapped Investment Opportunities

Chander Mohan
Chander Mohan

In  a  bid  to  replicate  the  success  &  attention received  at  'Destination  Uttarakhand' in  October 2018  and  heeding  to  suggestions  from Honourable  Prime  Minister,  NarendraModi, the  Uttarakhand  State  Government initiated  a  series  of  investor roadshows as a  precursor to  the  ‘Uttarakhand  Wellness Summit’ planned  for April 2020  at  Dehradun. 

The  Delhi-leg  of  the  roadshow  was held on 19th Feb 2020 at  Hotel  The Leela  Palace where the  keynote  address  was delivered  by   Satpal Maharaj,  Hon’bleTourism, Irrigation  &  Culture Minister of  Uttarakhand.  The  State  Government’s  delegation  will head  next  to  Kochi to  increase  investors’  interest.  Earlier,  Chief  Minister Trivendra  Singh Rawathad  kicked  off  the  roadshow  in  Mumbai  on  February  18.   

Addressing  the  invited  guests  and  the  members of  the  media  at  the  roadshow,  the Honorable  Chief  Guest,   Satpal Maharaj said,  "I  welcome  all  the  dignitaries  from  the corporate  sector,  members of  the  media  and  my  dear  friends at  this  august  gathering.  It is a  matter  of  pride  for  me  and  it  gives me  immense  pleasure  to  represent  Uttarakhand in  this roadshow.  Uttarakhand  has,  from  time  immemorial, been  the  top  choice  for ascetics and  devotees  who  are in  search  of  the  divine.  But  now  we  are also  focussing on  developing  the  state  as  an  industrial  hub." 

He  further added,  "The  primary  objective  of  this roadshow  is to  shed  light  on  the potential of  developing  Uttarakhand  into  a  global spiritual  economic  zone,  capitalising on  the  Global  Wellness Economy,  worth  $4.2  trillion  in  2017,  growing  at  6.4%  annually.   

The  Uttarakhand  State  Government  will also  be  organising  National  and  International Roadshows,  Ambassador’s Round  Table  Meet  in  Rishikesh  and  a  curtain-raiser event  in Almora  to  promote  the  upcoming  summit."  

 "The  Wellness and  AYUSH sector has been  accorded  the  status  of  an  industry  in  order to  enable  potential investors to  avail  incentives  from  the  sector agnostic as well  as sector-specific policies. 

  In  order to  enable  Ease  of  Doing  Business,  a  Single  Window  Clearance  System  has been  established  by  the  Investor Promotion  &  Facilitation  Centre  (IPFC),  and  a centralised  one-stop-shop  for investors and  businesses  has  been  set  up  to  facilitate interaction  with  the  Government  of  Uttarakhand  for their  investment  needs. 

A  detailed  presentation  on  ‘Uttarakhand  Wellness Summit' was given  by  the  Director General  &  Commissioner Industries  to  the  Government  of  Uttarakhand,   L.Fanai.   A  detailed  session  covering  the  scope  and  scale  of  the  ‘Wellness Sector in  Uttarakhand’ was presented  by  Principal Secretary  (Industries)  to  the  Government  of  Uttarakhan, Ms.ManishaPanwar to  industry  leaders,  business owners and  entrepreneurs.  In  her presentation,  Ms.Panwar apprised  them  of  the  abundant  opportunities across subsectors pertaining  to  Nutraceuticals,  Organic Food,  Natural Fibre,  Beauty  Products, Wellness  Real Estate  and  such  other sectors.  

 In  a  presentation  on  ‘Tourism  Sector  of  Uttarakhand’ by  Secretary,  Tourism  &  CEO, UTDB,  Government  of  Uttarakhand,   Dilip Jawalkar  shed  light  on  the  integration  of Wellness  Tourism relating  to  the  overall  Uttarakhand  tourism  economy.  He  also apprised  the  dignitaries on  the  role  that  innovative  initiatives such  as  AYUSH Health Centres/Retreats,  Eco-Tourism,  Aroma  Therapy/Aroma  Tourism,  Yoga  Wellness Tourism  will play  in  the  coming  years.

 The  roadshow  was concluded  with  a  Q&A  session  and  interaction  between  the Government  representatives and  the  media.  Shri  Ashok  Windlass,  Vice  Chairman,  CII Uttarakhand  State  Council  and  MD  Windlas Biotech  Ltd.  delivered  the  concluding remarks. He  lauded  the  Government  of  Uttarakhand  for its initiative  and  expressed  his confidence  over the  success of  'Uttarakhand  Wellness  Summit 2020'. 

  "I  congratulate  the  Honourable  Chief  Minister of  Uttarakhand,   Trivendra Singh Rawat  and  his government  for coming  up  with  such  an  initiative  which  will integrate various sectors and  help  the  state  develop  in  leaps  and  bounds.  I  take  this  opportunity to  thank  our chief  guest,   SatpalMaharaj  for representing  the  State  Government  and the  people  of  Uttarakhand  and  revealing  the  roadmap  for  the  growth  and  well-being  of the  hill state.  I  am  convinced  about  'Uttarakhand  Wellness  Summit 2020'  by  looking  at the  conviction  and  dedication  of  the  people  involved  with  this initiative,"   Windlass signed  off.

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