Who Is Stealing Cattles in Ministry of Agriculture?

The Ministry of Agriculture, which has a unit responsible for looking after the problem of praedial larceny, is the current victim of cattle theft. 

In the early hours of Sunday morning, two hybrid goats, which were imported from America, were stolen from the Beausejour Agriculture Complex, located in Vieux-Fort. 

The goats, which cost thousands of dollars, were stolen under mysterious circumstances. It happened on the day when two of the complex’s guards were on duty. 

According to sources, at the time of the incident, one of the guards was inside the building in which several offices are located, while the other was outside. It was revealed that the guard who was outside the building saw a light flashing on top of one of the pens where a number of goats are kept and heard the goats bleating, but he never checked to see what was happening. 

However, at a meeting with staff of the agriculture complex, officials of the Ministry of Agriculture said that the incident is bad for the department and expressed the need for cameras to be placed at the complex. 

It is shocking to know that over the years, a number of goats have been stolen from the complex, and most of the time the incidents occurred when the building is being under guard by its unarmed security guards. 

On last July, six goats were stolen from the complex, that too under mysterious circumstances. 

Besides cattle, items such as weed eaters and wheelbarrows have been stolen from the complex over the years. 

However, no one has been arrested and charged in connection with the recent incident or any of those in the past. 

Source- loop news 

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