Winters will be worse than usual in 2019; according to predictions

Chander Mohan
Chander Mohan

Weather plays an important role in our daily life. Worldwide people are affected by the weather especially in the winters. Is it possible to predict winter weather on the basis of the summers? Or can our nearby animals or pets predict the weather?

The Old Farmer's Almanac will tell you all sorts of excellent ways to determine whether a winter is going to be difficult. For instance, just check the nape of your cow's neck. Is the hair thicker than normal? Uh-oh, get ready for snow! Oh, you don't have a cow's neck handy? Just check out whether you notice pigs gathering sticks. That's right! Pigs. Gathering sticks.  

Even if you do experience a harsh winter after the Great Piggy Uprising, that correct prediction you read is still a result of chance. Because while climatologists and meteorologists use fancy science and climate data to see if we're in for a bad winter, it's not at all based on our summer months. There simply is no pattern that predicts a summer-to-winter conversion. In fact, even autumn calculations for a winter forecast are, by the forecasters' own admission, full of variables that prevent a reliably surefire prediction. 

The Indian Meteorological department (IMD) may debunk the theory that a mild, wet summer equals a cold, snowy winter. After studying almost 100 years of data, experts found no evidence that a lame summer equals a gangbusters winter so, sorry, the long-term weather forecast will remain a surprise. But if you do see any pigs brandishing branches, might as well dig the snow shovel out from storage. Doesn't hurt to be prepared. 

There are 2-3 private agencies giving weather forecast apart from the Government Agency predicting weather on the basis of satellite images. 

Still we see the weather forecast coming is not accurate or ditching some time as we see the future prediction according to the zodiac signs. There are theories of prediction of the storm, thunderstorm, rain, tsunami or earthquakes on the basis of the animal behavior. So, what we can say that the fiction is more interesting than the science.  

Before you lose all hope of a mild winter, keep in mind that weather predictions are just that—predictions. And if the temps happen to be a little brutal, find the silver lining and stock up on some cute, hats, scarves, and coats to pull you through. Also it has been predicted that the winters will be worse than usual in 2019 so be prepared for it.

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