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With KJ Mobile APP, Krishi Jagran firms the DIGITAL Space

KJ Staff
KJ Staff

14 Jan, 2018, New Delhi

Internet and Mobile apps are the most sought after source of information in this century. And the farmer friendly agriculture magazine of India, Krishi Jagran after achieving the zenith of 12 languages and 3 portals, has launched its mobile application. The mobile application named “Krishi Jagran” was launched by the Union minister of Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare Radha Mohan Singh at his residence on the auspicious day of Makar Sakranti. Makar Sakranti which is a farmers’ festival was chosen to outpour the importance of digital world in the farmer and farming community by the publishing house.

krishi jagran Mobile App

Director of Krishi Jagran, Mrs. Shiny Dominic  and Mr. MG Vasan, Editor in chief, Mr. MC Dominic along with the VP, Special initiative  Chander Mohan were present at the event along with the other department heads. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Dominic, MD Raja Dominic pre-inaugurated the application for the testing phase of the application. Mrs. Farah Khan, GM-Marketing and Marketing head, Mr. Sanjay Kumar on this great day for Krishi Jagran mentions that It would be of great importance for the growth of the publication house, since most of the agri business are trying to get involved with the online and internet based services. KJ sees fruitful associations of our clients through the medium of this launch.

The Mobile app, Krishi Jagran can be downloaded from the Google Play Store
[https://goo.gl/hetcnu] free of cost. The Editor in Chief, Mr. Dominic also announced a special offer, by which on every download of the application by any farmer, three month free subscription would be given as a token of affection. Mr. Dominic says, “Our focus is to reach the farmers in a broader way, and this mobile application would connect the farmers, retailers and industries all at a common platform and make the farmer more informative and turn the activity of agriculture as a profitable business source of income, which indeed is our goal.”


Giving the brief of the mobile app, the Developer Mr. Krishna said, the interface of the app can be switched among three languages i.e. Hindi, English and Malayalam. The app provides numerous sections, one of which is “directory” from which any company can be searched for any agricultural product which is there in the market. It would work like yellow pages of agriculture world. The app also incorporates videos and images to make the user interface alive. Another highlighted section is of “JOBS”which would help the youth and the job seekers of the agri world to have a platform from where they can find all the available jobs easily. All the e-magazines  in 12 languages are also available on the app.


Ratna Manjari Sharan, VP Strategic Alliances says, “Krishi Jagran focuses on evolving with time, and matching with the pace of this digital world, it is important that Krishi Jagran also make its name in the zone of digital transmission of knowledge and information, where Krishi Jagran stood for the last 23 years since 1996 helping the farmers by disseminating the appropriate information.” Circulation head Nishant K Taak was also present at the event and was elated with the number of the subscriber which are going to increase in the time to come with the launch of the mobile app.

Information related to latest news, weather information, current crop pattern, animal husbandry, cash crops, success stories, pest management and agricultural encyclopedia can be found on the application.

Social media head, Sameer Tiwari mentions, “With the launch of the mobile app, responsibilities have augmented and the notion of serving the farmers with even better quality and quantity of news and information has to be taken care of. The team is more rigorous working on the field and we try to put out the realities of farm and rural India at the front.”

The photographer, Rishav Vishwa finds the app to be a source of attraction for all the user since it has a picture gallery feeds section where the world of agriculture unwinds with the brilliance of colors and an attractive point of view.

The free subscription of three months would be only provided to farmers which would be cross checked by authenticated sources and is valid for limited period of time.

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