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Onam Special Food: Mouth Watering Kerala Dishes You Cannot Miss

Shikha Parewa
Shikha Parewa
Onam Special Food

Food is one of the main elements of any festival and each festival in India comes up with its own traditional food. Onam is also one of those festivals were food plays a very important role. There are a number of dishes that are not only delicious but they show the rich culture and heritage of Kerala. 

People of all castes and religions celebrate this festival with great zeal and enthusiasm. It is also celebrated as the return of the great Mahabali. 

What is Onam Sadhya

The feast called Onam Sadhya is an important part of the Onam celebration where 26 types of different dishes are served on a banana leaf. Although there are 26 dishes, but all do not make each dish. We share with you some of the best dishes you must try in this Onam festival. 

Check out some delicious Onam Food

Here are some of the most important food prepared during this festival;


It is a recipe made up of different vegetables and coconut and seasoned with coconut oil and curry leaves. It is a very important part of the Onam sadhya. 


It is made of ginger, tamarind, green chilies and jaggery which give it hot and sour flavor. This can be eaten with other food items because it helps to enhance the taste.  


Thoran is a kind of dried vegetables made from various fried vegetables. Use a mixture of vegetables like peas, green beans, raw jackfruit, carrots, or cabbage (usually) with shredded coconut. The deliciousness of the vegetables and the flavor of the coconut are a combination of deliciousness and health. 


There are many types of "payasams". One type of them is made up of boil rice, wheat, or noodles with milk and sugar. The other is made up of with cooked rice or pigeon peas or wheat, added with raw sugar and coconut milk. Both are seasoned with spices. 


Rice is the most important and main item of the feast sadhya. Rice is also staple food of the Kerala people. It is generally brown or red rice of Kerala. Along with taste it is also very good source of different nutrients.  


Sambar is another very important and famous food item of Onam feast. It is generally made of arhar dal with a variety of vegetables like drumsticks, tomato, pumpkin, carrots etc. and the combination of all these vegetables makes this recipe very nutritious. This is one of the well known South Indian cuisine. 


Rasam is a kind of spicy South Indian soup. It is consumed with rice as a soup. It has its own different taste due to its seasoning ingredients and fluid in consistency. It is made up of tamarind juice, tomato, chili pepper, cumin and some other spices. It is very helpful in boosting digestion. 


Pachadi is a traditional Kerala food item made up of vegetables and fruits like cucumber or pineapple, prepared with coconut and yogurt paste. Fresh grounded mix of coconut, cumin and green chilly give it rich taste and fresh flavor. 

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