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Valvoline Launches All Fleet Turbo Plus for High HP Tractors

With 150 years of experience creating ground-breaking lubricant technology, Valvoline Cummins Private Limited, the manufacturer of Original Engine Oil, has continued its tradition of launching unique, market-first products.

Shruti Kandwal
Sandeep Kalia, Managing Director, Valvoline Cummins
Sandeep Kalia, Managing Director, Valvoline Cummins

The industry's first engine oil manufacturer, Valvoline, has introduced Valvoline All Fleet Turbo Plus (Haulage Expert) for heavy use of high HP tractors on roads and in other agrarian-related operations after realizing the adaptability of Indian tractors and their wide range of applications.

Tractors are adaptable machines with a variety of uses, not just on farms. Tractor use for non-agricultural purposes has increased significantly while agricultural use has decreased over time. Iron, cement, sand, and other building supplies are frequently transported. Tractors are a common sight at construction sites, transporting iron, cement, sand, and other construction materials. It is also a common sight to find tractors transporting multiple lorries of agricultural produce during harvest season, which stresses the engine and exposes it to accelerated wear and tear.

These heavy-duty applications put tremendous stress on engines, decreasing their life, increasing maintenance costs, and increasing their susceptibility to frequent breakdowns and causing damage to critical engine components. Traditionally, conventional mineral oils are used to hold well to these challenges, but modern tractors need advanced protection in the changing landscape of tractors.

Speaking about the launch, Sandeep Kalia, MD and CEO, Valvoline Cummins India, Said, “Valvoline is committed to researching and developing innovative industry-first products. We are an agile customer-centric brand that is quick to meet the demands of our customers through products that meet their needs. Valvoline All Fleet Turbo Plus (Haulage Expert) is yet another innovative, exclusive, and industry-first product that is specifically built to meet the demands of tractor owners to offer superior engine protection that extends engine life.”

The Valvoline company's All Fleet Turbo Plus Haulage Expert is a testament to its dedication to technological innovation for ground-breaking products. The market-leading solution is created and manufactured to specifically meet the needs of high HP tractors, whether they are used on roads or on farms. It skillfully handles the difficulties brought on by several tractor applications and is adjusted to the evolving and growing function of tractors.

With its longer drain interval and maximum levels of engine protection when towing heavy loads, it meets the increasing complexity of modern tractors and lowers the cost per hour.

Further, keeping pace with the changing technology and the shift to capital-extensive farming, farmers have been purchasing higher HP tractors that are more powerful and more complex and can be used for wider applications. The resultant challenges that arise from varied use are met well by Valvoline All Fleet Turbo Plus Haulage Expert.

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