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Flowery Path of a Serial Woman Entrepreneur

A great entrepreneur Neethu succeeds in her water plant cultivation because of her love for flowers. Among the flowers, Neethu's favorite is the lotus and the water lilly.

Priyanka Menon
Neethu and Her Water Plant Varieties

A serial entrepreneur Neethu got into water plants because of her love for flowers. Lotus and Water Lily were her favorites. Even though Neethu has been doing Gardening for many years, it was during Covid it took off as a business venture.

As part of this, experiments have been carried out on lotus and water lily found in nearby lakes. But they all failed to grow properly. She realized it very late that there are hybrid varieties of lotus and water lilies available in the market that could be grown at home. It turned out to be a success. Today, Neethu has created a different path in horticulture by applying the knowledge she gained from the experiments and observations.

It's a matter of fact that Neethu has also come across minor flaws many times. She points out that one of the biggest problems in the field is that some people sell bowl lotus seeds that are not Hybrid through Social Media.

Therefore, Neethu has a word of caution to those getting into lotus cultivation to pay special attention and buy seeds and tubers only. Those who grow hybrid lotus and water lily varieties will deserve attention to their hard work like this. Hybrid tubers are available in the market from Rs. 250 to Rs. 25000. But when the native varieties, which are cheaper than the hybrid varieties, are sold at a much lower price, more people buy it and a situation of deception ensues. In addition, many of its tubers are delivered to the needy through courier service. Therefore, when it does not reach the customer on time, there is a need to refund or send other tubers.

Neethu says that it gives extra burden to the growers in terms of financial loss and customer dissatisfaction. In addition, snail infestation is a major problem in lotus cultivation. Various preventive measures need to be taken to control snail infestation which is labour intensive and time consuming as well. Nonetheless, regular systematic care will definitely reduce the workload.

The young entrepreneur is of the opinion that it is profitable to grow aquatic plants if we take care of the impediments. In addition, she says that if guppy farming or small-scale fish farming is done, it will lead to more financial gain. Neethu's farm is completely on the terrace. Today, she owns more than 100 species of lotus and 60 species of water lilies including Lady Bingley, Foreigner, Bucha, White Peony Lotus, Little Rain, Buddha Seat, Green Apple, Pink Cloud, Snow White, Peak of Pink, and Camellia Ews. Neethu marketed Tubers and seeds efficiently using social media. Aquatic plants are available here for Rs 300 to Rs 15,000 currently.

This business sector with low maintenance and high returns is a great place for many to find employment. For more information, purchasing seeds/tubers and starting the Aqua Flora Garden/ Business, Neethu can be contacted at 9961936210 for an all-India service.

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