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Know how billionaire & philanthropist Manoj Bhargava came up with free-of-cost fertilizer for millions of farmers

'Shivansh fertilizer' is a cost-free, innovative method for making fertilizer from natural resources. Philanthropist Manoj Bhargava came up with the idea in a bid to help farmers cut costs, increase crop yield, revive soil and reduce pollution.

Kanika Dhamija

Indian agriculture sector accounts for 18% of India's GDP and provides employment to 50% of the countries workforce. Considering this, it’s clear that agriculture is the most significant sector of the Indian economy and its success is vital to the country's growth.

However, Indian farmers are perpetually plagued by several problems - some natural (environmental) and others manmade (financial). Fortunately, billionaire and philanthropist Manoj Bhargava has come to the rescue of farmers struggling with monetary stress by developing a free-of-cost fertilizer for crops.

Bhargava has developed the 'Shivansh Fertilizer', a cost-free, innovative technique for creating fertilizer from natural resources. He aims to help farmers cut costs, increase crop yield, revive soil and cut back pollution.

How to make Shivansh fertilizer for free in 18 days!

  • Soil holds water better with Shivansh Fertilizer, thus less water is needed for irrigation.

  • Less fertilizer /pesticides are needed as Shivansh Fertilizer provides nutrients and strength to fight diseases.

  • Less labour is required as weed growth is suppressed with Shivansh Fertilizer.

  • Yields are 15-40% higher with Shivansh Fertilizer.

Bhargava developed a step-by-step process which permits farmers to create Shivansh fertilizer in mere 18 days, and use it on their farms. The method involves creating compost of resources already found on farms and applying it to the soil and crops. On an average, one acre of land needs an average of eight piles of fertilizer. Bhargava claims that after the first full application of Shivansh Fertilizer, one can reduce the urea usage by 50%, and reduce MOP and DAP by 100%. The second application of fertilizer can be replaced with 100% Shivansh Fertilizer. Here’s what you’ll need to make the fertilizer:


Cutter, Water, Mattock, Plastic Sheet, 10 Liter Metal Pan (tasla)


  • Select a dry and shaded area that is well drained.

  • Collect brown materials - dried plant waste, dried rice stalk, dried grass or weeds, dried wheat stalk, dried leaves, animal bedding.

  • Collect green materials - green plant material, green grasses, green tree trimmings, green weeds, water-grown plants or eucalyptus.

  • Collect manure –fresh dung (no more than 1-2 weeks old).

  • Chop the brown and green materials separately using chaff cutter and hand cutter.




  • Make a shoulder height pile, with a diameter of 1.5 m.

  • Mixseparately - Brown Material (9 Pans) + Water (1½ pans); Green Material (6 Pans) + Water (1 pan); Dung (3 Pans) + Water (1½ pans)

  • Using a measure pan (10 Liters metal pan) measure layers and stack alternately - green material, brown material, dung. Repeatthe layering about 6 to 7 times.

  • Cover with a plastic sheet.

Day-2 to Day-3

  • Leave the pile untouched.


  • Perform a temperature test - ideal temperature ought to be 'HOT'

  • Perform a squeeze test (at numerous levels) –only a few drops of liquid oozing out are ideal.

  • Turn the pile by plowing outside layers in and inside layers out.

  • Cover back with the plastic sheet.

Day-5 to Day-18

Turn the pile each alternate day, till 18 days are complete. Perform Day-4 steps - check temperature, check moisture, flip the pile, cover the pile - each day. Day-19, the fertilizer will be ready for use.

Guidelines to use Shivansh Fertilizer

The self-made Shivansh Fertilizer eliminates the necessity for all chemical fertilizers, increases farmers' incomes, and provides their families with healthy

  • Tillage Application - Mix into soil (3 days before planting)

  • Basal Dressing - Apply with planting

  • Top Dressing - Apply on surface

 A Game Changer

The benefits of the Shivansh fertilizer for Indian farmers are outstanding, considering it’s cost-free and incorporates fewer expenses concerning chemicals, water and labour. It additionally advantages the environment because it does not introduce chemicals into the soil, and farm waste can go towards making the fertilizer instead of farmers burning it and increasing air pollution.

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