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Sports Couple from Kerala turn to Organic Farming to keep them Fresh Mentally & Physically during these Difficult Times

Pole vault player KP Bimin and triple jumper MA Prajusha have taken into growing varieties of vegetables in their kitchen garden and reaping Gold, not on the playground, but on the farm. The sports couple are preparing an integrated farm with farm animals, fish, vegetables and fruit trees.

Dr. Lakshmi Unnithan
triple jumper MA Prajusha
triple jumper MA Prajusha

Pole vault player KP Bimin and triple jumper MA Prajusha have taken into growing varieties of vegetables in their kitchen garden and reaping Gold, not on the playground, but on the farm. The sports couple are preparing an integrated farm with farm animals, fish, vegetables and fruit trees. They have competed nationally and internationally and won medals at the Commonwealth Games and the National Games. It should not be forgotten that both are from the agricultural rich land Kerala and also from farming families. 

“They spend time in the farm by laying the beds, planting the seeds, watering the plants, and plucking the vegetables — it is all so soul satisfying says Prajusha. It’s lovely to see when their hardwork bears fruit. 

Bimin says it’s all about health and that is why they turned to agriculture. Eating a nutritious diet is essential for good health. According to Bimin and Prajusha, sports training and agriculture keeps them physically and mentally fresh. Being a farming family, they used to eat what they cultivate in their farms. They also have farm animals like fish and duck. Prajusha is the caretaker of the fish and duck. She takes care of ducks, fish and rabbits with the same attention as a trainer. Gourami fish, duck, rabbit, all home-grown vegetables, meat, fish and most of the spices are available at Bimin's house in Pala. 

Pole vault player KP Bimin

They also grow peas, lentils, sage, thorns, orchids and rambutans, says Bimin. Fish farming is done in the pond itself. Bimin says that this time he even got a considerable income from gourami fish.  

Both of them are from farming families, but this lockdown has helped them to get closer to nature and soil. Since they were very busy during their sports training time and athletic events, they actually never got time to get into farming. We sincerely hope their integrated farm becomes a huge success and also gives employment to many and inspire many along the way. 

Story credit  – Krishi Jagran Malayalam

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