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Woman Left Her Corporate Job to Create Success Story with Spice-Mix

The Bengaluru-based woman entrepreneur launched Deccan Diaries in 2017, which aimed to promote traditional spice mixes and natural flavors across the country. The brave mind also wanted to represent the flavors of South India and spread the authentic and traditional tastes.

Anju M U
Poojitha Prasad

Indian spices are popular for a long time due to their huge demand worldwide. For South India, each state has its own unique and variation of spice mix.  

In Kerala, the mix is made of ground urad dal and grated coconut. Meanwhile, neighboring Tamil Nadu has the spice mix made with chana dal, jaggery, and chilies.

In Karnataka, it is made from roasted peanuts or sesame seedschilies, and garlic, whereas in Andhra Pradesh, the blended spice mix is from dried red chilies and wheat germ. 

The rich variety in spices plays a significant role in our cuisine as well. It is therefore difficult for us in finding the preferred combination of spice blends while we were out of the country either for education or job.  And this is what made Poojitha Prasad (36) to bring a remedy for it and she left her corporate job in order to start her own business. 

The Bengaluru-based woman entrepreneur launched Deccan Diaries in 2017, which aimed to promote traditional spice mixes and natural flavors across the country.  The brave mind also wanted to represent the flavors of South India and spread authentic and traditional tastes.  

Poojitha’s parents have a catering business that makes food for corporate companies and offices. The food was very tasteful to them and often they asked them to share the recipes and mixtures used for it. It obviously lit a spark in her business brain and she left her well-paying job in 2014 to start a masala business. 

Starting of the business 

Before the launch of the business, Poojitha Prasad did some research to know the blending of varieties of spices and the method of making them. She came to know about vast varieties of spice blends, which people mostly have long forgotten. 

Poojitha, then launched Deccan Diaries with some spice mix like sambar pudi, Bisi bele bath mix and chutney powder. Her travelling across states over time helped to learn long-lost recipes from women in various districts.  

All the raw materials like chilies, pulses, black pepper, dals, and cinnamon are obtained through Farmer Produce Associations in Karnataka. Once they delivered the raw material, it is gone through various processes. It means, they have to be cleaned, dried, roasted, ground and packed. For this, the entrepreneur hired three women in its production unit.  

Deccan Diaries with its entire production process done by women has supplied more than 15 types of authentic spice blends over the years and she sold her products through fairs and exhibitors. Currently, they sell their products on Amazon.in and ‘Saheli’ programme 

During Covid-19 pandemic, the workers had to return to their hometown and the production unit had to be shut down. But, Poojitha hardly gave up her startup instead she operated the process from her kitchen.  

She is an inspiration to women entrepreneurs in India as she could pen down her success in the business world.  

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