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16 All-New High Yielding Varieties Of Crops Developed By This Agri Research Institution

The newly-released varieties include seven of rice, two of chilli and one each of tomato, litchi, bael, linseed, soyabean, field pea and brinjal

Chintu Das
Green Peas
Green Peas

Jharkhand's State Variety Release Committee (SVRC) has released 16 improved varieties of nine crops developed by various agricultural research institutions for Jharkhand, four of which were developed by Birsa Agricultural University (BAU) scientists after years of experimentation using various breeding techniques and protocols.

There are seven rice types, two chilli varieties, and one each of tomato, litchi, bael, linseed, soyabean, field pea, and brinjal. These high-yielding, early-maturing types are disease and pest resistant, making them ideal for Jharkhand's drought-prone dryland ecosystem.

The release request was approved in a meeting of the SVRC held at the department of Agriculture on March 24 under the chairmanship of agriculture secretary Aboobacker Siddique P, informed A Wadood, director of research at Birsa Agriculture University Jharkhand.

BAU vice-chancellor Dr Onkar Nath Singh, director agriculture Nisha Oraon, head FSRCHPR Plandu, Arun Kumar Singh, director Sameti, Subhash Singh, and breeders of the variety were among those who attended the meeting.

Birsa Tisi-2, a linseed variety developed by BAU head scientist Sohan Ram, has a production potential of 19.7 quintal per hectare, contains 36.75 percent oil, matures in 128-30 days, and outperforms the national check T-397 by 10.46 percent.

Birsa Soybean-4, a soybean cultivar developed by BAU's Nutan Verma, with a production potential of 28 q/ha and matures in 110 days. Its yellow seed, which has a brown hilum, has 40.30 percent protein and 17.55 percent oil.

Birsa Matar-1, a field pea variety developed by CS Mahato, is a dwarf-type medium maturity group plant with a yield potential of 13-15 q/ha and a maturation time of 112-116 days.

Birsa Chianki Baigan-3, a high-yielding brinjal variety developed by Abdul Majid Ansari at the Zonal Research Station in Chianki, Palamu, with a production potential of 350-400 q/ha and belongs to the medium maturity group.

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