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74,446 Farmers Benefited from Crop Insurance Scheme; Government Advices Farmers to Grow Second Crop instead of Paddy

Pronami Chetia
Pronami Chetia

Excessive exploitation of water is one of the major problems of Indian agriculture system which has deepened the water crisis. But most governments are unable to come up with a concrete plan to deal with it. Even if a plan is being made, the files cannot reach the field.

However, Haryana government has set a new record in this matter. This is come up as the first state in the country where the government has persuaded farmers to grow other crops in place of paddy in 1,26,927 hectares. 

As per reports, they have been registered on the official portal. Out of these, 74,446 farmers have been given the benefit of free crop insurance scheme (PMFBY) by the government. 

'Mera Pani Meri Virasat Scheme' 

Under this, CM Manoharlal had targeted to shift farmers to other crops instead of paddy in one lakh hectare land. However, in view of the ill effects of the water crisis for the future generation, more farmers than the target agreed. 

As per reports, the government is giving an incentive amount of Rs 7000 per acre to those who do so. At the same time, the purchase of maize, millet and pulses in place of paddy is guaranteed at the MSP (MSP-Minimum support price). 

Some parts of Haryana have become dark zone in terms of water in which, there are 36 blocks where the ground water level has declined in the last 12 years. Where previously the water depth was 20 meters, it has become 40 meters today. There are 19 such blocks. But there are 11 of these in which there is no rice crop. While the water level in 8 blocks Ratia, Siwan, GuhlaPeepli, Shahabad, Baban, Ismailabad and Sirsa is more than 40 meters. Paddy is sown in these. This scheme has been implemented in them. 

Why Farmers are advised to take up Alternative Crop? 

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, 90% of water in India is used in agriculture. Most of the water is consumed in crops like paddy and sugarcane. According to agricultural scientists, 5000 liters of water is required to produce one kilogram of rice. 

Haryana is among the top ten paddy growers. There is a lot of government procurement of paddy here. Therefore, paddy cultivation is not a loss deal for the farmers. Nevertheless, for a better tomorrow in terms of water, the farmers decided to leave this crop. 

Verification of the land of the farmers who have registered on the portal of the scheme is being done. The Agriculture Department has verified 97,500 acres. Its owners have been given an incentive of Rs 9 crore so far. While the government will pay the premium for crop insurance of 80,640 acres. As part of the farmers, the Haryana government has given a premium of Rs 15.32 crore. 

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