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After Onion, Tomato Price Rises to Rs. 80 per kg in These Cities

Pronami Chetia
Pronami Chetia

After onion, now its tomato’s turn to disappoint people. Recently, onions were in the limelight due to its sky-high prices in some parts of the country including the national capital during this festive season. As per the report, the retail price of tomatoes rises up to Rs. 80 per kilogram in Delhi-NCR on Wednesday due to supply disruption caused by heavy rains and flood in key growing states, including Karnataka. 

On the other hand, onion price has come down marginally compared to past week and is now available at around Rs. 60 per kg in the national capital. 

According to the reports, tomatoes have turned out more costly from the last few days due to less supply from the key growing states which are suffering from heavy rain and flood. Tomatoes are being sold at Rs. 58 per kg at Mother Dairy’s Safal outlets, while it rises up to Rs. 60 and 80 per kg in the local market and vendors on Wednesday, depending on the quality and locality. 

The average retail price of tomato in Delhi increased to Rs. 54 per kg on Wednesday from Rs. 45 per kg on November 1, as per the central government data. 

“Tomato prices have increased sharply in the last few days as the supply has been affected because of floods and heavy rains in the key growing states,” a wholesale trader at Azadpur Mandi told in front of media.  

Southern states like Karnataka and Telangana as well as some hilly states have witnessed rains in the last few days, which has led to damage of the crop, creating a supply disruption, he added. 

Moreover, most of the metro cities are suffering from sky-high prices of tomato even in the retail shops. As per a report, tomato is selling at  Rs. 60 per kg in Kolkata,  Rs. 54 per kg in Mumbai and  Rs. 40 per kg in Chennai on Wednesday, as per the government data. 

On the other hand, the price of onions in the national capital has come under control due to different initiatives through cooperatives Nafed, NCCF, and Mother Dairy. These cooperatives are selling onions at a cheaper rate of  Rs. 23.90 per kg. However, the price is still on the higher side of the retail market. 

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