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Agriculture Department Distributed Power Tillers & Other Input Materials Under Various Government Schemes

Power tillers and other agricultural inputs were ceremonially delivered by the Agriculture Department of Nagaon under several subsidised government initiatives.

Chintu Das
Power Tillers Distributed By Agriculture Department
Power Tillers Distributed By Agriculture Department

At a function held at the office premise of the Agriculture Subdivision Office, Koliabor on Thursday, the Agriculture Department, Nagaon ceremonially distributed power tillers and other agricultural inputs under various subsidized government schemes sponsored by the Union and State governments, including RKVY, BGREI, and NFSM.

Debajit Neog presided over the event, which was attended by District Agriculture Officer Tarun Hazarika, Assistant Commissioner, Koliabor Subdivision (Civil), Trishna Ripon, Assistant Deputy Director of Agriculture Dr Bipul Sarma, and SDO, Agriculture, Koliabor Ranjan Deka.

During the programme, the concerned department delivered power tillers to three beneficiaries: Modan Chauhan, Suma Mura, and Bhaskar Jyoti Bora, in that order. In addition, authorities from the concerned department delivered different agricultural inputs as well as current-season crop seeds, including maize, vegetables, black gram, green gram, and others, to over 200 farmers in the subdivision.

Tarun Hazarika, Nagaon's district agricultural officer, spoke at the event and urged the district's farmers to take advantage of government-subsidized programmes so that the community could help develop the state's and country's rural economies.

On Wednesday, the concerned department handed subsidised power tillers and other agricultural supplies to farmers under various programmes at the Agriculture Subdivision office in Raha.

Previously, at a solemn occasion conducted at the Tamulpur Subdivision Agriculture Officer's office at Tamulpur district headquarters, power tillers were delivered to chosen farmers of Tamulpur district under the National Food Security Abhijan (NFSA).

Agriculture Department Executive Member Ghanshyam Das of the Bodoland Territorial Council (BTC) distributed power tillers particularly designated to Bodoland Territorial Region (BTR) farmers under the NFSA scheme in order to double the agricultural productivity of framers.

Ghanshyam Das added that power tillers have been supplied to some chosen Tamulpur district farmers as part of this. Ghanshyam Das, a member of the Executive Committee, stated that more power tillers will be handed to farmers later. Under the NFSA Scheme, power tillers were sanctioned for a total of 49 farmers in Tamulpur district.

On March 9, Tamulpur MLA Jolen Daimary visited the Tamulpur subdivision agricultural officer's office and formally began the distribution of power tillers to eight farmers. On Friday, BTC executive member Ghanshyam Das delivered power tillers to ten farmers. Today's power tiller distribution event also included BTC executive member Dharmanarayan Das and MCLA Hemant Kumar Rabha.

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