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Agronomic Intelligence: Top 5 AgriTech Startups Making Indian Farmers Aatmanirbhar

Sangeeta Soni
Sangeeta Soni
Agronomic Intelligence
Agronomic Intelligence

Technology has encompassed the whole globe, then why not Agriculture?

No doubt, we are just emerging in that way, as rural farming is still facing several issues such as uncertain monsoon, irrigation problems, unavailability of seeds, small land-holdings, shortage of financial necessities, etc.

But technology in the field of agriculture in India is expanding day by day. Advanced methods such as machine learning, data analytics, satellite imaging are being used nowadays to meet the requirements of Indian farmers and improving their productivity.

Some Agritech Start-ups has proceeded in the way to solve all the issues that farmers are facing with agronomic intelligence, here is the list of top five of them.


Gramophone is an intelligent farming platform providing Agronomic intelligence to more than 550,000 farmers. It was started by Nishant Vats and Tauseef Khan in 2016. Presently, gramophone is delivering agricultural input services in more than 10,000 villages. Gramophone provides end-to-end solutions and services to the farming community in India assisting them to go to the right market and sell their products at the right price and in turn increase their income by giving them the right advice.


Fasal helps farmers through its AI-powered platform that captures data on growing conditions real-time from on-farm sensors, and then delivers advisories about farm-specific and crop-specific actions to the farmers through the mobile and that too in their native languages. Fasal was started by Shailendra Tiwari and Ananda Verma.


Bijak is gurugram-based start-up and is helping many rural traders and buyers with its digital e-commerce platform. It has created an electronic marketplace that connects thousands of farmers, traders, and wholesalers for agricultural goods and commodities. Presently, there are 30,000 active buyers and traders on Bijak platform


This is one of the fastest-growing start-up in the field of Agronomic Intelligence. It provides end-to-end solutions and services to the farmers of India including crops to grow, how to grow, and where to sell. At present, DeHaat is operating in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Orissa with around 2,65,000 farmers in their service network and the count is on. Their goal is to cater services to five million farmers by the year 2024. 


Cropin delivers decision-making tools that bring consistency, dependability, and sustainability to agribusinesses. Cropin is an intuitive, intelligent, and self-working system that delivers future-ready farming solutions with the capabilities of live reporting, analysis, interpretation, and insight that span across geographies. They provide smart agri solutions that are powered in real-time for the farmers to predict trends, and to make a blueprint of farmers’ business in the coming times.

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