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Amit Shah Holds Virtual Meet with Agri Ministers to Promote Natural Farming

Natural farming promotes the breakdown of organic matter on the soil surface by microorganisms and earthworms, gradually adding nutrients to the soil over time.

Shivam Dwivedi
Amit Shah, Union Cooperative and Home Minister
Amit Shah, Union Cooperative and Home Minister

Amit Shah, Union Cooperative and Home Minister, held a virtual meeting with Agriculture Ministers from all BJP-ruled states on Thursday to promote the concept of natural farming. He told the Ministers and Chief Ministers that the Central Government is constantly working to promote natural farming throughout the country.

Himachal Pradesh Agriculture Minister Virender Kanwar stated that the Centre is also making special efforts to connect natural farming with cooperatives. The agenda for providing benefits to farmers by connecting agriculture with cooperatives was discussed at this meeting.

After meeting with Union Cooperation Minister Amit Shah, Agriculture Minister Virendra Kanwar stated, "Excellent work is being done in the field of natural farming in Himachal Pradesh."

"Natural farming is currently being practised on 9,500 acres of land." Himachal Pradesh intends to practise natural farming on 50,000 acres of land. There was a discussion today about selling natural farming products by connecting them with cooperatives," said Agriculture Minister.

Kanwar went on to say that the Centre formed a cooperative with the companies, and farmers can profit by selling natural farming products here. Himachal Pradesh Agriculture Minister Virendra Kanwar discussed linking the state's farmers with cooperatives to benefit from natural farming.

He stated that in Himachal Pradesh, natural farming products are procured through 10 Agricultural Produce Market Committees (APMCs) so that farmers can reap the benefits of natural farming.

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