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Anand Mahindra Gifts Tractor to Laungi Bhuiyan, the Gaya Man who Carved out 3-km Canal for Irrigation Purpose

Anand Mahindra has gifted a Tractor to Laungi Bhuiyan, the Bihar man who carved out three-km Canal for irrigation purpose.

Abha Toppo
gaya canal man
Laungi Bhuiyan after receiving Mahindra tractor

Anand Mahindra, Chairman of Mahindra Group has gifted a Mahindra tractor to Laungi Bhuiyan, who alone carved out a 3-kilometres long canal in thirty years to irrigate his parched fields in Bihar's Gaya district.

Siddhinath Vishwakarma, Mahindra dealer in the region told new agency ANI that Anand Mahindra saw a tweet of Bhuiyan and said he will be fortunate to give him a tractor. After this, the area office got a mail to gift Laungi Bhuiyan a tractor.

Vishwakarma said "I am lucky to be a part of the moment and I feel proud to be a native of Gaya as people like Laungi Bhuiyan live here".

Anand Mahindra tweeted, "You & your team are simply the best Hemant Sikka. Cannot believe I proposed gifting Bhuiyan—Bihar’s ‘CanalMan", a tractor only yesterday morning and by late yesterday evening you had delivered it to him! Well done and my gratitude to our dealer partner as well".  

Tagging the Mahindra Group chairman, a user tweeted, "Laungi Manjhi of Gaya had spent thirty years of his life digging a canal. He still does not want anything, except a tractor. He told me that if he gets a tractor, it will be of great help. @anandmahindra I reckon Mahindra would feel proud to honour this man”.

Answering this, Anand Mahindra said that it would be his honour to provide Bhuiyan with a tractor.

Anand Mahindra in another tweet said, "It would be my honour to provide him with a tractor. As you know, I had tweeted that I think his canal is as impressive a monument as the Taj or the Pyramids. We at @MahindraRise would consider it an honour to have him use our tractor. How can our team reach him @rohinverma2410?"

After receiving the tractor, Bhuiyan, the Gaya man said that he never thought of getting one. "I am very happy today."

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