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Farmer Innovation Expo To Help Locals Learn Scientific Ways of Farming

The expo was organised by the College of Agriculture, Kyrdemkulai, and Nongstoin College, Nongstoin.

Chintu Das

A three-day farmer innovation expo on 'Integrated Agriculture for Rural Bio Entrepreneurship and livelihood Security' was inaugurated by Nongstoin MLA and Chairman of State Law Commission Macmillan Byrsat at Nongstoin College on Monday in an attempt to help local farmers imbibe scientific ways and means of farming in fields such as rice, mushroom, etc., and livestock rearing, among others.

The expo was organised by the College of Agriculture, Kyrdemkulai, and Nongstoin College, Nongstoin.

Prof Dinabhandhu Sahoo, Director of the Centre for Himalayan Studies, Universities of Delhi, was the guest of honour, along with other luminaries such as Dr MS Behera, Principal Scientist, ICAR, Shillong.

Prof D Sahu made an appeal to everyone to plant trees in his speech, while also highlighting the importance of farmers, whom he referred to as the "backbone of the food supply."

Previously, in Meghalaya's capital, Shillong, the largest culinary show in Northeast India — a forum for connecting with global and local stakeholders and exchanging cross-cultural discussions – took place.

Farmers, entrepreneurs, cooperative organisations, and Self Help Groups (SHGs) can present their products and communicate with buyers and dealers throughout the three-day event, thereby increasing the value of agri-horti products.

The expo featured a variety of kiosks offering commodities such as bread, wine, honey, tea leaves, local vegetables, frozen meat, and Meghalaya's famous Lakadong turmeric, among other things.

The first event in Meghalaya was held in 2019 in conjunction with SIAL, and this is the second edition of the giant food exhibition show, which attracts buyers and sellers from all across the area and South-East Asian countries.

The Northeast has a wide range of agricultural products. Different States in the region are able to share their agricultural experiences and collaborate for the advancement of a beautiful nation through this show.

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