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'Farmer-to-Farmer 'Rent-an-Equipment' – A Boon For Farmers After The Pandemic

KJ Contributor
KJ Contributor
Rental Farm Equipment: KK-SPR-1202D
Rental Farm Equipment: KK-SPR-1202D

Agriculture remains one of the biggest employers and sources of livelihood across the country, especially in rural India. It has been the dedication of our farmers and government which helped India in becoming self-reliant in food following the successful green revolution. 

Farmers Income Level Is Low

The income level of the majority of farmers is very low, because of small plot sizes and scarcity of farm labor. Mechanization, especially for small farmers has remained very low, despite the government’s continuous intervention. Additionally, our farmers face many challenges because of the changing climate conditions, scarcity of water, increasingly unpredictable instances of floods and drought to top this; the overall input costs are raising especially seeds and Fertilizers.

Small & marginal Farmers Are the Backbone of Agriculture Sector

Smallholder farmers are the backbone of the agricultural sector and food value chain in India. However, these small and marginal farmers are the ones who have suffered the most because of the conditions in recent times.

KisanKraft has created a one-of-a-kind app, with a special service to facilitate farmer-to-farmer farm equipment rentals. Rental income can help supplement farmer incomes significantly. Many farmers have found their income from renting their equipment lucrative and it has become an important source of income for them. 

Developed Farm Equipment Rental as a Side Business  

Many farmers have developed their farm equipment rental as a side business, with some even purchasing multiple farm equipment exclusively for purposes of renting. The KisanKraft app is to help both the equipment owner and farmers without equipment and to bridge the gap with a unique digital application through their mobile phones. As Covid aggravated farm-labor shortage, the KisanKraft rent-a-equipment facility has come as a boon to farmers.

The KisanKraft app is available in 11 languages and within a few months of launch, it has been downloaded by lakhs of farmers. KisanKraft is seed-to-harvest with a vision to improve the livelihood and quality of life of small & marginal farmers and serve their needs in every facet of agriculture. The company’s equipment assists farmers in most aspects of cultivation, from soil preparation, planting, crop management, harvesting, and post-harvesting operations. 

The farm labor shortage has been a continuing problem for years, causing underutilization of farms, only to be further compounded due to the pandemic. KisanKraft is committed to bringing affordable appropriate technologies to help better farmers’ livelihoods.  

The Author of this article is Ravindra K Agrawal - Promoter Managing Director, KisanKraft

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