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Fly-Cocobot: New and Easy Way of Harvesting Coconut Developed by ICAR-CCARI & Goa University

Chintu Das
Chintu Das

The ICAR-Central Coastal Agricultural Research Institute and Goa University collaborated to develop the 'Fly-Cocobot,' which makes coconut harvesting easier. This cutting-edge invention, which has received national recognition, is a simple, inventive, and cost-effective device that will transform coastal agriculture techniques.

The Fly-Cocobot is a gender-neutral, remote-controlled gadget that hovers over coconut trees and harvests the fruit without having to climb up the thick tree trunks. 

After many years of partnership between the ICAR-CCARI and Goa University, a product that is an exceptional specimen of agriculture technology has finally been produced. The Fly-Cocobot is a one-of-a-kind, long-lasting tool that has proven to be superior to any manned or unmanned equipment currently in use in harvesting the produce of mixed coconut and black pepper farms. 

The availability of this gadget will inspire a variety of farmers to experiment with a two-crop combination plantation system. Due of the difficulties of climbing the coconut palms, traditional coconut harvesters normally avoid the dual cropping scheme. 

This device's prototype design could be improved to collect the fruit of various palms such as the areca nut, palmyra palm, oil palm, and even date palm. The model design can also be altered to perform basic farm operations such as spraying and trimming, among other things. 

In 2021, the ICAR's National Agriculture Higher Education Project sponsored a national 'Kritagya Agtech Hackathon' to enhance farm mechanisms. The Flying-Cocobot was also launched here, and after battling through 784 teams around the country, the prototype design was approved at the zonal level by 89 teams and at the national level by 25 teams. 

In terms of novelty, invention, concept, cost-effectiveness, and practical practicality, the device took first prize. In a nationwide virtual event on May 31, the Goa Team, which included ICAR-CCARI principal scientist (horticulture) Adavi Rao Desai and students Abhiraj Pednekar and Arman Shaikh, was awarded a certificate and a prize money of Rs. 5 lakh for their drone design. 

The functioning of Cocobot's mechanism 

The Fly-Cocobot is a basic gadget that combines simple machines to make a magnificent utility. According to the ICAR-CCARI, the device's functional beauty allows it to fly to the top of the palm and attach itself to the trunk via gripping arms. After then, another saet of arms opens up to cut the bunch of yields as instructed on the remote control's visual display. 

The entire method can be performed from a safe distance away from the active site, avoiding the risk of death. The machine is designed to produce 12-15 palms per hour at a high level of efficiency. The tool's unique feature is its gender-neutral scope, which means it can be used by anyone and opens up a world of possibilities for everyone. 

The CCARI and Goa University will jointly file a patent application for the Fly-innovative cocobot's design in order to protect IPRs. In the near future, this equipment will undoubtedly provide relief to palm growers. 

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