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ICAR - Indian Institute of Spices Research Receives Patent for Seed Coating Composition

Sangeeta Soni
Sangeeta Soni
IISR Kozhikode received the patent for Seed Coating Composition
IISR Kozhikode received the patent for Seed Coating Composition

The Indian Council of Agriculture Research- Indian Institute of Spices Research, Kozhikode, Kerala has received the patent for Seed Coating composition and its preparation. The Institute has successfully developed the Seed Coating Technology of PGPR/ beneficial microbes for seeds, and the institute has successfully done the field-testing and commercialization of this Seed Coating Technology.

About the Technology

The technology was developed by the team including Dr. M. Anandaraj, Dr. Y.K. Bini, and Dr. A.K. Johny. 

It is an application of Exogenous Materials onto the surface of seeds with the aim of improving the delivery of active compounds including plant growth regulators, micronutrients, and microbial inoculants. It can increase germination and plant growth.

  • The invention using Plant Growth Rhizobacteria and its preparation help in storing the viability of seeds and also maintain the coated organisms in a buffered state.

  • This process prevents seed desiccation, and also makes sure about the protection against environmental stress.

  • It protects the seed from storage pests, and therefore increases the longevity of the seeds.

  • It ensures enhanced germination and helps the emerging seedling to establish with the help of organisms on the seeds.

  • Enhanced viability results in less seed quantity requirement

  • Enhanced primary growth results reduction in weed growth.

  • It also helps to improve the yield by 15-30%

This technology is applicable to all kinds of seeds including vegetables and can be used in organic farming too.

About the IISR, Kozhikode

The Indian Institute of Spices Research, Kozhikode, a constituent body of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research, is a major Institute devoted to research on spices. In 1976, it started as a Regional Station of the Central Plantation Crops Research Institute (CPCRI), Kasaragod engaged in research on spices.

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