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Government to Distribute Improved Seeds of Soybean & Groundnut to Farmers

Sangeeta Soni
Sangeeta Soni
Edible oil
Edible Oil

To reduce the prices of edible oil in the country, the government has come up with a special plan. The government has planned to distribute the seeds of soybean and groundnut to the farmers.  

The plan is to distribute mini kits to the farmers. In this kit, seeds of many pulses including soybean & peanuts will be added. As per the information, the government will spend around Rs. 82 crore for this.  Note that for the past few months, edible oils prices are continuously increasing.  

To increase the yield of pulses in the country, so that inflation can be controlled and farmers can also get benefits. The Union Agriculture Ministry said that with the discussions with state governments, preparations for distributing mini kits have been completed.  

This year kits will be distributed to around 20 lakh farmers. And the entire cost of the kits will be given by the Central government.  

Government Working for the betterment of Farmers 

Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar said that the government is fully dedicated & working for the betterment of farmers under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi. Prime Minister Modi has taken the decision of increasing the subsidy on fertilizers so that the burden of the increased price of fertilizer doesn’t fall on the farmers.  

Tomar said, “when farmers used to get the bag of DAP in Rs. 1200, its actual price was Rs. 1700, the government used to give the rest Rs. 500. Internationally, the price of DAP increased due to an increase in the price of ammonia, phosphoric acid, etc., and in turn price of one bag has increased to Rs. 2400. In such a situation, if the government will give Rs. 500 per bag, then it will cost Rs. 1900 to the farmers. 

Sweet Revolution & NBHM 

The government has given the information that the production & export of honey is increasing in the country due to the initiatives like National Beekeeping and Honey Revolution (NBHM) along with the Sweet revolution. Rs. 300 crore have been approved under the sweet revolution for the development of beekeeping in a scientific way. And under NBHM, the central government has allocated Rs. 500 crore under Aatmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan.  

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