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Government to Release 1,00,000 tonnes of Buffer Onion Stock into the Market: Narendra Singh Tomar

"The government has already taken cognizance of the issue of rising prices of onions and its one lakh tonnes of buffer stock is being released through NAFED. We had imposed a ban on the export of onion from the country well in time and opened routes for its import," Tomar said.

Chintu Das

Mr. Narendra Singh Tomar, Union Agriculture Minister while taking part in a rally with regards to the up comming polls in Dharampuri town located in Indore district on 28 October 2020 said  that in order to provide support  individuals on account of the rising prices of onion, different steps are being implemented including delivery of one lakh tonnes of the buffer onion stock into the market.  

"The Government is already aware of the issue with the risen prices of onions and to counter that one lakh buffer tonnes of onions is being delivered through NAFED," Tomar commented. 

“A ban has been imposed on the export of onions and ways to import the same are opened,” the minister commented. 

Tomar says the opposition parties are showing double standards as far as protests regarding the new farm laws are concerned. 

"In its Lok Sabha poll manifesto, 2019; the Congress had vowed to make trade liberated from guidelines and regulations. It had additionally said that it would empower inter state trade and exchange, end the Agriculture Produce Marketing Committees (APMCs), offer support to contract cultivation and end the Essential Commodities Act," he said. 

"Yet, it couldn't do these things due to pressure from agents. The BJP government outlined new laws for horticulture changes. Accordingly, the Congress is presently experiencing problems," Tomar claimed. 

The minister was here to address a meeting on the side of the state’s water resources minister Tulsiram Silawat, who is contesting from Sanver assembly seat. 

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