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ICAR-Indian Institute of Spices Research Receives Patent for Microbial Encapsulation Technology

ICAR-IISR has received patent for microbial encapsulation technology

Shipra Singh
Microbe capsules
Microbe capsules

The ICAR-IISR (Indian Institute of Spices Research) in Kozhikode, Kerala, has obtained the patent (no. 361021) for microbial encapsulation technology. IISR has successfully created the technology to encapsulate soil and plant friendly microbes for their smart delivery. The institute  has field tested it and now, with the patent, has opened doors for commercialization.

About Microbial Encapsulation Technology

Microbial Encapsulation Technology is a novel technique of storing microbes of interest in gelatin capsules and delivering them to crops to enhance soil nutrients, crop growth, and yield.

The recently patented product by ICAR-IISR is used for spices, vegetables, and other such crops. The technology is conducive for delivering  all types of micro organisms that are important agriculturally. They include nutrient mobilizers/solubilizers, nitrogen fixers, plant growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR), burkholderia, trichoderma, and others.

About the capsules

The capsules feature microbes in an inactive or immobilized condition. The microbes are activated by dissolving the capsules in water. This microbe-containing water is used to soak seeds or seedlings or rhizomes for 30 minutes before sowing or transplanting to the main field.

The remaining suspension can be utilized as soil drench.

soil-friendly microbes
soil-friendly microbes

Benefits of bio capsules

  • The encapsulated technology maintains high population of microbes.

  • It facilitates precise delivery of microbes to crops.

  • This is an eco-friendly technology.

  • It is easy to store and use.

  • The production cost is low.

  • The capsules have a high shelf life.

  • Capsules are produced and stored at normal temperature.

  • The technology requires no sophisticated equipment for creation of capsules.

  • The capsules can deliver almost all microbes having agricultural importance.

Microbial Encapsulation Technology could be the next big thing in agriculture.

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