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Is there any Future of Indoor Farming?

Chander Mohan
Chander Mohan

The traditional farming was done under the sun, with available land and water. But due to land degradation and water shortage, traditional farming will not be possible in the future. Hence researchers and food scientists are working on the concept of Indoor Farming. But will it be the right solution and result oriented. No one knows!!!

The opportunities for indoor farming have been emphasized by many speakers at various events. Walter Robb for example, former CEO of Whole Foods, sees a disturbance in the food value chain that he never saw before and believes there are opportunities for indoor farms as the retail industry is urged to innovate as well and the importance of product is high. The indoor agriculture operators have to react to these opportunities as well by moving to favorite products and telling their story to retailers and consumers for example, but also by closing the last mile data and connecting the consumer to the growers, sharing nutritional and other aspects. 

The Indoor AgTech event unites over 300 companies interested in this industry and coming from various parts of the fresh produce chain from technical suppliers and breeders to growers and retailers - showing there’s a lot of interest in the market. Many indoor farming companies state they are an R&D company, software supplier, distributor and building its own produce brands”, says Caleb Harper with the opening Initiative, doubting whether these individual integrated chains will bring the trust that’s needed to upscale and further develop the industry.  

He pleads for companies specializing in one part of the value chain, optimizing and sharing information gathered, developing the industry and in that way bringing trust to both investors and consumers. “We are to learn from the mistakes made in the industry. Whether it’s the US, Japan or even the Netherlands, some problems are unique, but standards exist. The greenhouse industry scaled thanks to creating and sharing these standards. 

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