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Maharashtra Farmers Tie Up Partnership with Corporate to Keep Onion Prices Steady

Chintu Das
Chintu Das
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In the midst of the cross country fights over three petulant farm laws, a coalition of around 400 Farmers Producer Company (FPCs) in the state of Maharashtra is presently investigating the prospects of joint endeavors with corporate houses.

Known as MahaFPC, the consortium has dispatched the nation's initial marketing framework and onion stockpiling through the public-private-partnership (PPP) structure. Yogesh Thorat, president of the farmers’ council claims that farmers should search for equal associations and not just for subsidies to thrive.

"There is no choice for poor farmers than to build FPCs and business organisations will have to manage with FPCs. Corporate organisations would not be involved in production centered activities but in infrastructure and value chain advancement. We are searching for speculation driven organizations and joint ventures. MahaFPC MD Yogesh Thorat, added that the recent onion investigation  in the state has enhanced the certainty of the farmers.

Alongside joint venture with Nafed, the MahaFPC has created onion stockpiling and promoting framework through 25 partner FPCs. In the task, around 2,500 ranchers have direct possession and till now it has profited 25,000 onion makers. The venture has direct proprietorship of about 2,500 farmers and has direct ownership and till now it has profited 25,000 onion growers through cross-state exchange, ties with corporate purchasers and retail chains.

Among different information, Thorat expressed that both farmers and cultivation must be successful in order to eliminate the threat of large corporate will assume control over agriculture. The MahaFPC is additionally pondering a non-banking financial organization through which it plans to assist farmers with creating farming framework, value chain management and simple admittance to liquidity.

Among different subtleties, Thorat expressed that the two ranchers and the cultivating must be serious to kill the dread of large corporationsthat will assume control over horticulture. The MahaFPC is additionally pondering a non-banking monetary organization through which it plans to assist ranchers with creating a farming foundation, esteem chain the executives and simple admittance to liquidity.

Nashik-based FPO Sahyadri Farms' MD Vilas Shinde expressed similar opinions, saying that farmers' collectives would enhance their negotiating leverage with companies, allowing farmers to achieve more benefit and become entrepreneurs.

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