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#Monsoon 2020: How to Clean & Manage Mango Farms after Monsoon

Vivek Verma
Vivek Verma
Wild Farm Plants

Problems Faced by Mango Farmers & Farms after Monsoon

#Monsoon 2020: The farmers who do mango farming face biggest problems after monsoon because wild & spontaneous plants grow in huge amounts in Mango Farms. The problems of insects & pests are also major as they severely harm mango trees. Due to these problems the condition of mango farms become very bad until the monsoon ends.

Monsoon seasons are not same for every region. The amount of rainfall can be less or more. Monsoon can hit early or delayed for different regions. Different farmers of different regions try to manage & clean their mango farms to the best of their knowledge. Some succeeds & some don’t.

We are going to discuss here some Simple, Easy but Effective steps to control these problems of wild plants, insects & pests in Mango Farms. You can learn how to properly Clean & Manage Mango Farms after Monsoon Season.

#Monsoon 2020: Let’s start with the steps

1. To manage & kill wild plants, you should start with Rotary Tiller (Rotavator). Use this only if your farm is capable for Rotavator use. Properly cultivate your whole farm using Rotary Tiller. You can cultivate twice if needed. All the wild and spontaneous plants will get de-rooted by this.

2. After using Rotary Tiller and de-rooting most of the wild plants, your farm will look much more managed. But there could be some more remaining wild plants near your plants and trees. These has to be thrashed and weed out manually. You can do it yourself or you could use some help or labor. All the wild plants will be cleared from your Mango Farm after this.

3. After this, cultivate your Mango Farm once again using cultivator. This will uproot all the remaining roots of wild plants. This will also de-clog soil of your Mango Farm.

4. After cultivating, Cutting and Pruning of Mango Plants should be done to get rid of unwanted branches.

5. Then Spray Insecticides & pesticides on Mango plants as per the need.

6. To safeguard plants stems and tree trunks from dangerous diseases like Gummosis, Dieback etc. apply paste of Bordeaux properly on stems and trunks. It is a famous fungicide used in fruit farms.

After taking these steps, hope the beauty of your clean & managed Mango Farm will make you happy. Do share your reviews with me.

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