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MPAUT Scientists Develop Innovative Solar Cap for Farmers

Shipra Singh
Shipra Singh

Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture and Technology (MPAUT), Udaipur, Rajasthan has an innovative gift for farmers – a solar cap that will help farmers protect their heads from scorching sun while working in fields.  

Scientists of MPAUT have come with a striking cap designed especially for farmers. This cap operates on solar power and is also called “solar pagdi.” According to the scientists, the cap is designed in such a manner that it maintains the body temperature of the wearer. For this, the cap features a fan that runs on solar power. The fan is fixed in a manner that it circulates air around the head of the farmer and towards his/her body.  

Solar cap designed by MPAUT scientists
Solar cap designed by MPAUT scientists

It took scientists 4 years to design this solar cap.  

The cap has been tested at various centers and has come with flying colors. Now, it is ready for use by farmers.  

Striking features of the solar cap 

  • The cap is light in weight, just 640 grams. 

  • The cap has a solar panel of 3 watts and a fan of 2.5 watts. 

  • The fan begins to operate as soon as the wearer gets exposed to the sun. Scientists have attached on/off button to regulate the cap. 

  • The cap can increase the efficiency of farmers by 20-25%, as they will feel more comfortable working under the sun and can work for longer hours. 

 Honorable Agriculture Minister of Rajasthan, Lalchand Kataria, is highly impressed by this solar cap. MPAUT scientists have gifted a cap to the minister.  

The university is trying to commercialize this cap and are looking for suitable industrial partners.  

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