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Mushroom Cultivation Yield Huge Profit To Students of SV Agriculture College

A 15-member group from the 2018 batch at SV Agriculture college began producing Milky and Oyster mushroom types on the campus grounds and got the profit of Rs. 30,000.

Shivani Meena
Mushroom Cultivation
Mushroom Cultivation

A group of Sri Venkateswara Agricultural College students who wanted to be entrepreneurs successfully cultivated mushrooms as part of their Experimental Learning Programme (ELP) and made a profit of over Rs 30,000.

In January, a 15-member group from the 2018 batch began producing Milky and Oyster mushroom types on the campus grounds, investing roughly Rs 25,000. 

Button mushrooms, which are imported from northern states, are usually accessible in the open market in the region. The Department of Plant Pathology of college encouraged students to grow Milky and Oyster varieties of mushrooms, which are rarely available and in high demand. 

Prof R Sarada Jayalakshmi, Head of Department of Plant Pathology, and M Pradeep, Assistant Professor, have already been monitoring mushroom cultivation and providing valuable suggestions regularly. 

The students had grown their seed in the college lab and received the necessary funding for fungi culture from the college account. "As part of our semester's study project, we grew mushrooms. It has allowed us to learn about finance, agriculture, and marketing.

Everything has been planned, including seed production, growing, harvesting, and commercialization. P Aswitha, a final-year college student, told TNIE that the initiative has helped them get a practical understanding of fungi culture. 

SV Agricultural College is the brand name for the mushrooms that have been harvested. "To attract customers, we are also adding value to mushrooms." As part of our value-added services, we made mushroom powder and biscuits. As part of our new business endeavor, we want to make mushroom pickles, samosas, puffs, and other snacks. G Ramya Rishita, another final year student, said, "The faculty of Plant Pathology has supported us in our effort and gave valuable suggestions to harvest a good yield." 

"The college has maintained an account for the program, and students who wish to start a business can get the money they need from it." However, they must deposit a part of the venture's earnings in the same account," explained Pradeep. 

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