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Now Zebu Expo Updates on 'ABCZ Mobile'

Mobile App is prominent in the Zebu Expo as it is helping the Brazilian Association of Zebu Creators to be updated with the "ABCZ Mobile".  The user can register online through the PO Bulls with RGD -Definitive Genealogical Record in Pro-Genetics on the screen of their mobile or tablet. 

With this tool, the creators or the technicians who use the app will be able to make their breeding available quickly as well as practically. 

At the time of Registration, it is important that the creator has in hand the weight of the animal and the date of weighing. According to the Rivaldo Machado Borges Júnior, Director of ABCZ and also responsible for Pro-Genetics, the update will make it easier to register and increase the supply of standard Pro-Genetic bulls to all interested parties in Brazil. 

This electronic mode is the way to promote interaction, dissemination and marketing of breeding animals. This gives access to information on the farms where they can be found, the municipalities, the distances and names of the breeders. 

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