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PM Modi says Government is taking major initiatives to improve Agriculture sector

Prity Barman
Prity Barman

On 24th October, Saturday PM Modi spoke about the initiatives the government has been taking in order to improve the Agriculture sector of the nation as well as to help the farmers. The whole speech was made after the inauguration of the three major projects each in the Agriculture, Health care and Tourism sector of Gujarat via video conference.

On 24th October, PM Modi has inaugurated the Paediatric Heart Hospital which is an extended part of U N Mehta Institute of Cardiology and Research Centre in Ahmedabad and a mobile application for tele-cardiology at Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad. Along with this he also launched the “Kisan Suryoday Yojana” which would provide the states farmers with full day time electricity. The KSY scheme would change the life of all the states farmers as they would be able to use electricity from day till 9:30 pm.

Other than these two major launches PM Modi had also launched the Girnar Ropeway at Mount Girnar which was recently completed and the test was also completed last month under the supervision of engineers from Austria.

During his speech he accused the opposition for the delay in the completion as well as in the launch of the ropeway project. Adding to his statement he also said that the opposition had created many problems for the projects initiation due to which the ropeway project took so many years to even get started with its foundation.

Even the CM Rupani accused the opposition by calling them as “Anti-Gujarat people” for the delay that was caused by the oppositions.

This particular project would help many attract many tourists as well as help in creating ample job opportunities for the locals. He stated that any place would be visited by more number of tourists when it is well equipped with modern technologies and facilities which would provide the tourist more comfort and ease for travelling and exploration.

In order to support his other statements he gave the example of the Statue of Unity which was launched in October 2018. The statue of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel which holds the position of the world’s largest statue had attracted more than 45 lakh of tourist before lockdown which was a very big achievement within a short span of time.

In his speech he mentioned that his government has taken many initiatives in order to help the nation’s farmers and bring them prosperity. The entire speech that he made was a reply to all the oppositions as well as the farmers and other trade unions who have been protesting against the Farm bill last month.

In the speech PM Modi stated that the government have started a motive so that all the farmers can have the freedom to sell their produce irrespective of their origins for trade and market practices. The major focus of the government is to make the Agriculture sector strengthen its roots in the Indian economy. He mentioned about the other advantages which the farmers would be getting like the formation of thousand more organisations for farm producers or providing the farmers with better opportunities with making various improvement in schemes.

On talking about the “Kisan Suryoday Yojana” Modi announced that India has achieved the leading position in solar power production and consumption. “Gujarat was the first state in India where the first policy of detailed plan for Solar Power plant was framed and inaugurated in Patan, nobody could have actually imagined that one day India would show the world the path for ‘One Sun, One World, One grid’,” added PM Modi.

Other schemes like “Kusum Yojana” which helps farmers and panchayats in setting up of small solar plants and solar pumps etc. as well as the “Nal Se Jal” scheme was also talked about during the conference.

He added that now as the KSY scheme has been launched farmers should start following the mantra “Per Drop, More Crop” and focus on saving more water as the day time solar power supply would help them set up micro-irrigation too so this would help them focus on saving water too.

Regarding the Heart Hospital PM said that with modern day advancement and lifestyle changes heart complications and diseases have also increased therefore the hospital would provide services to not just the people of Gujarat but also to the other states of India.

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