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Serbia Opens Doors for Indian Potatoes, Onions and Pomegranates

Serbia opens its market for Indian potatoes, onions, and pomegranate.

Shipra Singh

Finally, Serbia market opens its doors for Indian potatoes, onions, pomegranate, and pomegranate arils. According to APEDA (Agriculture and Processed Food Export Development Authority), phytosanitary certificate is not required for the export of pomegranate fruits and arils and onion bulbs grown in India. But, it is requires for the export of potatoes.  

According to APEDA, “There are also specific phytosanitary requirements for potato consignments that must be met and should be mentioned on the phytosanitary certificate as additional declaration.” 

However, Ajit Shah, the President of Horticulture Produce Exporters Association, Mumbai, has to say that the Serbian market is not that huge.  

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What is Phytosanitary certificate? 

Phytosanitary certificate is an important official declaration needed for export and import of plants and plant material. The declaration states that the consignment is free from pests and diseases. This is to prevent the spread of pests and diseases to the countries that are importing the consignment. It can also prevent the introduction of new pests and diseases.  

Every country has their own requirements for the certificate. The procedure is done under the guidelines given by National Plant Protection Organization (NPPO) or authorities equivalent to it.  

The parameters of the certificate are based on the guidelines issued by WTO (World Trade Organization) agreement. This agreement is an important component of final Act of General Agreement of Tariff and Trade GATT 1994.  

Belgrade - Capital City of Serbia
Belgrade - Capital City of Serbia

Interesting facts about Serbia 

Serbia is quintessential Balkan country officially called the Republic of Serbia. It is located at the center of the Balkan Peninsula in Southeastern Europe. This is a completely landlocked country; no beaches here.  

Serbia is the largest exporters of raspberries in the world. In 2012, almost 95% of the world’s raspberries came from Serbia!  

Do you know Serbia has a river named Year because it is 365 kms long? 

Serbia also produces the world’s most expensive cheese. Guess what? It is made from donkey milk! You must pay $576 to buy 1 pound of this cheese.  

Now, India is all set to supply her onions, potatoes, and pomegranates to this landlocked country, which is providing juicy raspberries to the world. Did you just eat a raspberry? Chances are high that they are from Serbia.  

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