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To Help Struggling Farmers, Telangana Man Invents Paddy-Planting Machine with Help of YouTube

Kammari Nagaswamy, an ITI graduate, decided to help the struggling farmers in his district by inventing the paddy-planting machine that plants five rows of paddy at once and reduces the need for physical labor.

Kritika Madhukar
Nagaswamy spent Rs. 50,000 on the construction of the device
Nagaswamy spent Rs. 50,000 on the construction of the device

They say that need is the mother of innovation, and the paddy-planting machine created by a young farmer, an ITI pass out, in Telangana would do full justice to the phrase. The one-of-a-kind idea has played a major role in rescuing locals from financial challenges and providing a boost to the farming community.

Kammari Nagaswamy, is a resident of Kachapur village in Bhiknoor Mandal in Kamareddy district, Telangana. He has graduated from ITI and supported his family financially by working in a private firm in Hyderabad.

Nagaswamy lost his work due to the life-threatening Covid-19 outbreak. Nagaswamy noted a scarcity of agricultural labor to plant the paddy manually. He couldn't fathom the farmers' struggles while growing paddy. He then decided to take matters into his own hands, literally, by investing in his own paddy planting equipment.

He started watching YouTube DIY instructional videos to teach himself and had a clear aim in mind: create a machine. Despite the cooperation of his brother Sandeep Kumar, Nagaswamy needed a year to develop a paddy planting machine. He spent Rs 50,000 on the construction. The device was outfitted with two 12-volt batteries and a BRTS motor.

According to Nagaswamy, the machine runs on batteries, removing the need for physical labor. The equipment will plant five rows of paddy at once.

Two rods are also attached to the engine in order to accommodate a certain amount of paddy to sow, filling up five rows on the farm field at the same time.

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