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25 Benefits of Poppy Seeds for Skin, Hair and Health

Priyanka Menon
Priyanka Menon

Have you noticed the white and black coloured beads on the lemon juice that open the chapters of sweetness in our tongue? This is the Poppy Seeds. This is also known as khaskhas in Hindi and kasakasa in Tamil and Malayalam. Today, Indians choose Poppy Seeds not only for their sweetness but also for our health. Because of its low calorie content, Poppy Seeds is a staple of many food items today.  It is a plant belonging to the genus Tulsi.

The scientific name is "Papaver somniferum". This Poppy Seeds contains manganese, calcium, zinc, phosphorus and many other minerals, fiber and nutrients.

Besides poppy seeds, there are many other healthy seeds like chia seeds, papaya seeds etc. 

Health Benefits of Poppy Seeds

Check out the amazing benefits of poppy seeds;

  • It is very beneficial for bone health as it is rich in calcium and phosphorus.

  • It is very good for eye health as it contains a lot of zinc.

  • It also has the ability to prevent macular degeneration, an eye disease that appears with age.

  • They are rich in antioxidants.

  • Dietary fiber, which is abundant in Poppy Seeds, is good for constipation.

  • Very effective in resolving digestive problems.

  • Adding a little powdered Poppy Seeds before or after a meal is good for health.

  • Sleep problems can be solved by adding sugar with extraction of Poppy Seeds.

  • Applying this mixture will reduce the arthritis and the inflammation.

  • Adding powdered Poppy Seeds to sugar can cure mouth sores or mouth ulcers.

  • The "oleic acid" it contains can lower blood pressure.

  • It is rich in zinc and stimulates thyroid gland function.

  • Fatty acids such as linoleic eliminate body fat and improve heart health.

  • It is also very good for abundant hair growth.

  • Rub coconut milk and onion in the soaked Poppy Seeds and apply it on the scalp and hair follicles and wash off after half an hour.

  • It is rich in manganese which helps in the production of collagen which is a healthy protein for bones.

  • It contains calcium, copper and iron which regulate neurotransmitters and stimulate brain function.

  • Its oxalates have the ability to absorb excess calcium in the body.

  • It is rich in potassium and prevents kidney stones.

  • Poppy Seeds are also used to enhance skin radiance.

  • Face pack with milk and this seeds removes dark spots on the face and enhances facial radiance.

  • Its anti-inflammatory components are good for preventing skin infections.

  • It is made into a paste and mixed with a little lemon juice and applied on the infected area to relieve itching and burning.

  • Because it has a lot of starch. Caucasus relieves body fatigue and provides rejuvenation.

  • Not only this, it boosts our memory and stimulates nerve cells. Knowing all this, do not take it lightly.

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