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How to Decorate Your Garden Using Old Tires

Shikha Parewa
Shikha Parewa
Terrace Farming
Terrace Farming

Despite busy schedules, there are many people who love gardening. Garden is one of those places where you not only find peace but also get a chance to show your creativity. We can use many different obsolete things to give our garden an innovative look. In this article we will discuss about how can we use old tires for different purposes in our garden. 

Tires are one of the most adaptable items that we can use in our garden. We can paint them and can use these colorful rings in decoration of garden. In this way, we are not just recycling tires but it can also become a fun project for the whole family to enjoy. 

Benefits of using tires in gardening 

Below we have listed the advantages of using old tires in garden;

Recycling of old tire: 

By using old tires, we are saving our nature as the rubber used in tire leach hazardous materials into the environment. Polycyclic aroatic hydrocarbons, styrne, and benzene are other dangerous chemicals that are released by the rubber of tire.   

Good for plantation: 

Tire is very effective to provide warm and dry soil quickly which is perfect environment for growing sweet potatoes, tomatoes and many other plants. It is good for deeper soil if you have hard-packed ground. 

Easy to maintain: 

No virtual construction is required in tire gardening like raised bed made of wood or stone. It is all up to you how creatively you can use tires. We can fill it with airy and loose soil at several feet deep. It is easy to maintain. 

Save money: 

We can save our money by using these obsolete tires as they can be recreated by using different innovative ideas. Although, many fancy pots are available in the market but they can be costly for you. Tires can be a very cheap option instead of those costly pots. 

How to use tire in garden

There are various ways to use old tires in the garden. Here are some of the most creative and innovative ideas to use tires in the garden. 

Raised bed for plants: 

If you prefer to grow vegetables, flowers and fruits in the flowerbed, consider using old tires inthe following projects. There are several advantages to using tires in this way. Not only doesit require less water, but it also absorbs the heat of the land if left unpainted with black rubber. 

Use of tire as a hanging container: 

Instead of spending a lot of money to buy flower hanging baskets, we can prefer old tires instead. It will enhance the overall look of your garden as it is customized to fit any design plan. 

Garden retaining wall: 

Stack multiple custom tire growers to create your own retaining wall. It is not only beautiful to look at, but also easy to maintain. All you have to do is water the top pot and the water will seep into the remaining plants. 

DIY tire stools:  

We can add tire stools which would add another comfort to our garden. We can use them as a stool or also as a chair. 

Garden stairs: 

Use tires to build a simple staircase up the hill. Just dig a spot for each tire, then backfill with soil and grass to create a more stable and natural staircase. This is a great use for tires that may already be too flat to inflate, or even tires that are torn. 

Tire as a backyard swing: 

There's nothing more classic than a recycled tire turned into a backyard swing. It is functional and beautiful. Cut the holes and tie a strong rope through the holes to create a seat that can be hung from any tree or stand you have built in your garden. 

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