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Go for this Diesel Free, Low Cost Battery Powered Mini Tractor for Profitable Farming; Call Here for more details

Tooba Maher
Tooba Maher
Launch of mini tractor
Launch of mini tractor

Want to make your faming profitable at a low cost? Here we will inform you about a tractor that you can buy at a low cost and drive without diesel. Yes, that’s right! A tractor has arrived in India which does not require diesel but works with battery. We are talking about a battery powered mini tractor which works without diesel.

The mini tractor is launched by a tractor company called Sukoon solutions Pvt Ltd. The company named this powerful tractor as Nandi. It is a mini tractor and one of its interesting features is that it is pollution free. As you all know that pollution in our country is increasing day by day. The major causes of pollutions are diesel and petrol vehicles but this battery powered tractor is diesel free, thus causing no pollution.

Features of Diesel Free Tractor:

  • In this battery powered mini tractor there is no tank for diesel.

  • The biggest feature is that it does not cause pollution at all.

  • These mini tractors are as powerful as 10 horsepower tractors coming in the market.

  • Farmers can install batteries in these tractors according to their agricultural work.

  • A larger model is also available in this tractor which is as powerful as a 50 horsepower tractor.

Battery powered mini tractor
Battery Powered Mini Tractor

The farmers are going through lot of problems as the price of diesel is also touching the sky. While working in the fields a lot of diesel is used in the tractor, due to which the expenses of the farmers are greatly increased and the savings are very less. So now, small and marginal farmers will not have to face problems for ploughing the field, as diesel free tractor is here.

This tractor is capable of doing all the tasks of the farm and can prove to be very effective for farmers in the coming times, especially for small farmers.

For more information about this tractor contact

Dr. Amod Kumar
Mobile: 7838454511, 9811775019

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