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Mexico To Get India's First Electric Tractor

In the next three years, Cellestial E-Mobility and Grupo Marvelsa expect to sell roughly 4,000 e-tractors.

Chintu Das
e-Tractor by Cellestial E-Mobility
e-Tractor by Cellestial E-Mobility

Cellestial E-Mobility, India's first electric tractor manufacturer, has signed a sales, distribution, and marketing deal with Grupo Marvelsa of Mexico. The Mexican firm currently has an extensive network of 800 service centres, 2,500 dealerships, and 35 vehicles. 

The E-tractor maker from Hyderabad promises to promote eMobility and is poised to transform the automobile industry by expanding its footprint internationally. The company's electric tractors will mostly be employed in the airport GSE, goods carrier, and agricultural sectors. 

"We discovered excellent strategic and international marketing synergy with Grupo Marvelsa, aside from export sales," stated Siddhartha Durairanjan, Founder and CEO of Cellestial E-Mobility. We're also looking at using Mexico's manufacturing capability to make our e-tractor and sell it locally, as well as establishing a base to service the North American eTractor market." 

The electric tractors were presented in March 2020 and contain current features such as reduced maintenance and other benefits. These tractors will also have fast-charging battery technology, which will boost overall output. These e-tractors also include a 4-wheel drive system and a wireless steering system. 

"We will continue to maintain the position of supremacy as India's first electric tractor while also establishing a worldwide footprint," Siddhartha Durairanjan stated. We have already crossed an order book of 1,800 tractors." 

In the next three years, Cellestial E-Mobility and Grupo Marvelsa expect to sell roughly 4,000 e-tractors. 

Cellestial E-Mobility began operations in May 2019 and received a 200,000-dollar financing round from a Singapore-based angel investor. The company also wants to raise $6 million by September, and it's in negotiations with European and local investors to do so. 

Tube Investment of India Ltd, which is part of the USD $ 5.56 billion Murugappa diversified product conglomerate, has agreed to buy a 70% controlling share in  Cellestial E-Mobility for $21.5 million. This relationship supports the company's strategic growth and develops its networks. 

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