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Planet University Programmes Help Farmers Learn Satellite Imagery Software

Planet is an AI-integrated technology, that helps businessmen, government officials, researchers, journalists, and farmers see the world from the bird's eye view with the help of satellite imagery.

Aysha Anam
Photo Courtesy: Planet.com
Photo Courtesy: Planet.com

As Planet is an AI-generated formulation of satellite imagery, it is not easy to use all the features of the software correctly. People who avail of the service need to gain perfection as well. Therefore, Planet Company has included university courses


"It became a clear vision to image all of the earth's landmass every day and make change visible, accessible, and actionable. Five years after we started Planet, we were known as a satellite company, today we are known as a data company, and in the next five years we are building an earth data platform, says Will Marshall, CEO of Plant.

Planet has 60 On-Demand Courses, three Live Webinars, and 16 Recorded Webinars. One can register for the university for free. There are 12 varied courses available on the website, including -

1. Intro to Planet University

2. Intro to Remote Sensing

3. Intro to Planet

4. Intro to PlanetScope

5. Intro to Account Management

6. Intro to SkySat and the Tasking Dashboard

7. Intro to Planet Explorer

8. Intro to Planet Basemaps

9. Intro to Planet Stories

10. Intro to ArcGIS Integration

11. Intro to QGIS Integration

12. Open Courses

Planet Solution Certification Program

Solution Certification Program has been designed for Planet Partner solutions which can used by many Planet customers. This program validates partner-developed solutions that help Planet customers solve real-world problems.

Planet Solution Certification Program Qualification

The Planet Solution Certification Program has been designed for existing Planet Orbit partners with solutions built on Planet data that are ready to scale to a global customer base. Partners interested in the Solution Certification Program should fit the following criteria:

  • Be a Planet Orbit partner (Learn more about becoming a partner)
  • Have a solution that already exists and that can scale to accommodate many new users
  • Have Planet specific knowledge (products and business procedures)
  • Provide a solution to a specific business problem faced by many Planet customers around the globe
  • Serve a specific niche area or domain that adds to Planet’s reach and capabilities
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