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Top 10 Agricultural Power Sprayers in India

A power sprayer is a tool used in agriculture and landscaping to provide fertilizer to plants, grass, creepers, and shrubs. Few of the best are included in this article.

Chintu Das
Petrol Portable Stihl Power Sprayer SG 230
Petrol Portable Stihl Power Sprayer SG 230

A power sprayer is an equipment used to apply fertilizers to plants, grass, creepers, and shrubs in agriculture and landscaping. By Using this power sprayer, you can boost crop productivity. In the field, it might be used to spray pesticides, fungicides, insecticides, and other substances. Its innovative applications include washing autos, bicycles, and other goods. The following are the best of the power sprayers:

Petrol Portable STIHL Power Sprayer SG 230

STIHL's Portable sprayer, the SG 230, is made in Germany. It's a powerful machine with a wider hose pipe to reach all areas of the farm and a higher reach for power spraying. This sprayer is ideal for plantation and fruit orchards.


  • 12.2 litre/minute pump discharge rate

  • 25 - 30 feet of vertical reach

  • 50 metre length of delivery hose

  • Easy to reach isolated plants

  • 2,800 sq.m. area can be covered without moving the equipment

IBell Power Sprayer

The kit includes a battery, charger, and spraying wand. This battery-powered, fully automated IBell power sprayer can spray water, chemicals, pesticides, and other liquids. It can be utilized at home as well as on the farm. It includes rechargeable standby batteries that can be recharged using an external charger. One of the most prevalent applications is spraying on agricultural crops, tea gardens, corporate spaces, and other locations.

Fortune Power Sprayer

It is usually powered by two-stroke gasoline engines. The sprayer's construction is made of brass. It can be used with either your left or right hand.  Fortune's power sprayer is engineered to last and requires very little upkeep. It's well-known for its excellent abrasion resistance. The filling hole on this sprayer's tank contains a filter that protects it from becoming clogged.

e-AgroCare Knapsack battery sprayer
e-AgroCare Knapsack battery sprayer

Kisankraft Power Sprayer

It's known for its high performance and lengthy lifespan. Two-stroke petrol engines are commonly used to power it. It may be used on a variety of crops, including tea, coffee, and orchards. Because of its ergonomic size and design, the KisanKraft power sprayer is simple to use. Cotton, rice, and a range of fruits and vegetables are just a few of the crops that would benefit. The sprayer comes with a high-pressure piston pump to ensure optimal air pressure.

Neptune Knapsack Farming Power Sprayer

The Neptune brand of power sprayers is well-known for their high quality. It is primarily made of high-quality plastic. It can survive tremendous heat and temperature because to the smart technology it contains. Aluminum fans are incorporated to maintain a steady pressure within the device. To keep the machine stable, it includes a sturdy bottom. This lightweight knapsack power sprayer features a back cushioning mechanism for additional comfort.

E-AgroCare Knapsack Sprayer 

It can be used to spray insecticides, pesticides, fungicides, fertilizer, and herbicides. The body is usually made of a durable, translucent plastic. This sprayer's big mouth opening allows for easy filling and minimal spillage. This battery sprayer can be used in horticulture, agriculture, forestry, sericulture, gardening, and other applications.

Fujiaka Power Sprayer

The Fujiaka power sprayer is suited for spraying large amounts of insecticides or fertilizers in farming operations. It comes with a long hose that allows the user to spray from further away. Cleaning mango groves, manufacturing sheds, and vehicle washes are all recommended uses. It has a transistor-controlled ignition system and an easy-to-rebound aluminium starter. A continual auto agitation mechanism is also included in the sprayer, which increases its efficiency.


BKR Honda Four Stroke Power Sprayer

For high-pressure applications, the 4 stroke power sprayer is fitted with a forced air-cooled 4 stroke petrol engine. The pump is made of brass metal. The sprayer is driven by a machine that uses a simple recoil starter and uses less gasoline. This sprayer is easy to use and maintain. The engine can operate in any direction due to its 360-degree tilt. It's a sturdy equipment that can handle even the most challenging operating conditions. A sharp blade is connected to the brush cutter engine of the BKR Honda sprayer.

Usha International Knapsack Power Sprayer

The chemical tank on this Knapsack power sprayer is housed in a sturdy, heat-resistant plastic housing. It is capable of withstanding high pressure while using less fuel. The engine comes with a brass metal pump and an easy recoil starter. It can be carried on the user's back.

Crown Super Plus 4 Stroke Power Sprayer

This sprayer is suitable for use both inside and outside. It can be used with almost any liquid fertilizer, weed killer, herbicide, insecticide, germicide, or other chemical. A huge, heavy hose pipe, as well as a nylon belt and a speed control regulator, are included. Some of the most common types include low pressure, high pressure, air carrier, and fogger. A long-lasting brass engine with a strong foundation powers the Crown super plus power sprayer. It includes a pistol with a high-end grip that can be adjusted.

Farmboy Portable Sprayer

The Farmboy portable sprayer is used to spray water and pesticides. It's made of solvent-free, chemically resistant material. It can benefit cotton, grains, fruits, vegetables, and other crops. It is simple to use and handle. Furthermore, the device is portable. The portable sprayer comes with a two-stroke engine and an emergency button. It's to prevent a short circuit or overheating. The engine is covered with brass material to create a cooling effect and prevent corrosion.

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