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Top 8 Affordable & Most Efficient Thresher Machines in India

We're back with another fascinating subject that expands your understanding of farming and farm machinery. And the topic is a thresher machine, cutting-edge farm equipment !

Shruti Kandwal
Top Indian Thresher machines available for farmers at affordable prices.
Top Indian Thresher machines available for farmers at affordable prices.

Thresher is a piece of machinery that is used to thresh grains. This article will provide you with all the details you need to know about the thresher and we will also be discussing the top 8 best threshers.

What is a Thresher Machine?

Agricultural machinery that threshes grain and separates the seeds from the stalks and husks is known as a thresher. The farm equipment is used to separate the grain and straw from small grains and seed crops like wheat, maize, soybeans, and peas. The machine is equipped with modern components and advanced parts that are useful in farming applications. Since the invention of the thresher machine, the threshing process has changed, making it effortless and labor-free.

Process of Thresher

The thresher machine is extensively utilized in harvesting and threshing operations. The following three steps make up this process:

First Step

Putting the bundle of straw and grains into the feeder is the first step. To avoid overloading the machine, the feeder controls the feed rate.

Second Step

A separator is a group of blades that rotate quickly. After beating the straw and heads onto a grooved plate and kneeling them without crushing them, the separator first tore the bundles apart, severing the twine, and snapping the heads from the straw. The majority of the straw was then separated from the kernels by passing the straw through a straw rake.

Third Step

In the final stage, the cleaner kernels that had made it through the final screen were moved across an air stream that removed the remaining chaff and straw away. The clean or pure grains were discharged into a stack of straws by a larger, more powerful blower after falling into a feeder where a measuring mechanism measured the kernels.

8 Best Thresher Machines in India

The top 8 best threshers in India are mentioned below along with full descriptions:

Dasmesh 423-Maize Thresher

It belongs to the Dashmash company and is the most widely used thresher for threshing maize. The equipment is built with cutting-edge and latest technologies for effective threshing operations. The maize thresher belongs to the post-harvest category and has a minimum 35 hp implement power. The machine is strong and has a high level of working capacity, increasing output and yield. Farmers claim that the cost of a maize thresher is affordable and reasonable. The capacity of the maize thresher is 4000 to 6000 kg per hour. Other features are:

  • Weight: 1345 KG

  • Tyre: 6.00 x 16.00

  • Main Wheel: 800 mm

Landforce Multi-Crop Thresher

A Landforce multi-crop thresher is frequently used for shelling soybeans, wheat, millets, sorghum, mustard, and other grains. It is suitable for medium and large-scale farms as well as for contract workers. The efficient multi-crop thresher can efficiently thresh wheat, resulting in high-quality straw. It is dependable, compact, elegant, and equipped with all the necessary features. It is a farmer's best and right partner and supporter. The device prevents acid, moisture, and rust. The machine can crush the multi-crop with 35 hp and above power. The cost of a multi-crop thresher is low and accessible to machine users.

  • Weight: 1530 Kg

  • No. of Cutting Blades: 3

  • Load Wheel: 150 Kg

Mahindra Thresher

Mahindra produces the best-in-class products for farmers and is the most well-known brand of tractors and farm equipment. One of them, the Mahindra thresher, uses the latest and most advanced technology to produce effective work. To separate the grains from the husk, a tractor PTO is used by the machine. The machine's adjustable skid height makes operations simple. The tool is simple to operate and can be transported rapidly to any location in the field for threshing. The Mahindra thresher offers a simple, easy-to-use operating system at a reasonable cost. Compared to the conventional threshing technique, it is more effective in cleaning. Indian consumers of threshing equipment can afford this Mahindra Thresher.

Dasmesh 641 – Paddy Thresher

It is Dashmesh's best and most widely used thresher for paddy fields. Due to its requirement for 35 HP minimum implement power, the Dasmesh 641 - paddy thresher has a strong presence in the post-harvest category. The paddy thresher is a dependable and robust machine that efficiently completes paddy threshing operations. It is a powerful and robust thresher machine that uses 2 Ltr. /Ton fuel, saving the user additional costs. The machine's small size and exceptional functionality enable it to generate significant work and yield straw or yield of high quality. The pricing of a paddy thresher is more reasonable and affordable for farmers.

  • Weight: 1500 KG

  • Tyre: 7.00 x 19.00

  • Main Wheel: 787 MM

Landforce Maize Thresher

This type of thresher is special in the threshing of maize because it offers the machine operator a great working experience. The device is well-represented in the post-harvest sector. In order to provide the highest power during the threshing operation, Landforce manufactures the maize thresher using all the advanced and modern technology.

The cost of a maize thresher is reasonable and affordable for thresher users. It needs an implement with 35 HP or more power to be effective and persistent for tasks.

Landforce Paddy Thresher

This is the machinery used to harvest paddy grain. The paddy thresher is equipped with durable features that make it powerful and enable it to properly complete all threshing and harvesting tasks. When threshing grains, as opposed to other crops, the machine, makes 3 to 5% extra money. Price of paddy threshers is inexpensive and more affordable for small farmers.

  • No. of Blower: 1

  • Blower Speed: Fixed

  • Load Wheel: 2

Landforce Harambha Thresher (Wheat)

It is the ideal machinery for wheat crops and works well for large-scale farmers and custom hiring.  Wheat thresher operated with a 35 hp tractor PTO.  The machine has an automatic feeding chute that is powered by the gearbox. The Landforce Harambha wheat thresher has a sleek design and is equipped with cutting-edge modern technology. The machine's compact structure comprises two or three sharp cutting blades with spike tooth cylinders. The crop is scattered and rubbed against the concave. The threshing unit has two aspirator blowers attached, which remove the small pieces of wheat residue from the seed. The cost of a wheat thresher is reasonable and economical for farmers.

  • No. of Blades: 2/3

  • Cylinder: 28 bars tooth

  • Threshing Efficiency: 99-100%

Mahindra M55 Thresher

It belongs to the category of harvest machinery and is a very well-known threshing machine. To complete the tasks, a Mahindra M55 thresher needs 35–55 hp of implement power. The Mahindra thresher has a width of 1957 mm and a total weight of 1250 kg. The cost of a Mahindra thresher is reasonable as per the farmer's budget. The device has a 1430 mm long concave spike tooth with a semi-cylinder form.

  • No. of Blower: 4

  • No. of Blades: Centrifugal type fan, 4-blades

  • Output Capacity: 1.2 – 1.25 Ton/Hour

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