New Seed Varieties Boost Production for A Farmer: A Success Story

“Success comes from failures”, Bant Singh who used to buy seeds from seed shops or from local sellers faced many failures in getting good yields. Due to a lack of awareness and knowledge, he was sowing seeds that were not suitable for his field and climatic conditions. Also to avoid seed scams by local sellers, it became important for him to look for an alternative. He was initially hesitant to switch to the new hybrid varieties. However, after attending a training session organized by the local agricultural department, he decided to give it a try.

One day he visited KVK (Krishi Vigyan Kendra). From there he purchased a new variety of seeds of wheat and sugarcane. He has been continuously using new seed varieties. Recently, he had sown PBW 826 wheat variety and his production was 28 quintals/acre (Rs. 60000) as compared to earlier production which was 23 quintals/acre (Rs. 48000). In addition to the wheat variety, the farmer's use of sugarcane CoPb 95 (CoPb 16211) and CoPb 98 (CoPb 14185) resulted in the production of 420 quintals/acre (Rs. 1,60,000) as compared to earlier which was 380 quintals/acre (Rs. 1,45,000).

In addition, Bant has 8 buffaloes and 2 cows in his possession. He relies on them for both personal consumption and income generation. He also uses their manure as organic fertilizer for her crops. He believes that using cow manure as organic fertilizer not only benefits crops but also contributes to the health of the soil and the environment. Furthermore, his adoption of modern farming practices such as crop rotation, proper irrigation techniques, and timely application of fertilizers and pesticides, also played a crucial role in their success.

By ensuring proper soil health and pest management, the farmer achieved higher crop yields and better-quality produce. Bant credits the success of his crops to the new hybrid varieties as well as his careful attention to the crops' needs, such as soil preparation and irrigation. He also notes that the use of fertilizers and pesticides in moderation has helped maintain soil health and prevent crop damage. The increased production has resulted in higher profits for the farmer, who now plans to expand his farming operations. He is also encouraging other farmers in the area to try the new varieties and take advantage of the benefits they offer.


Overall, Bant’s success story inspires other farmers to explore new and innovative ways of improving crop yields and increasing profits. With the right knowledge and resources, farmers can continue to drive the growth and development of agriculture in India. The farmer's success can be attributed to a combination of factors including the adoption of new and improved crop varieties, the use of modern farming practices, and their dedication and hard work. By staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in agriculture, this farmer was able to achieve better production than their peers and improve their livelihood in the process.

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"I used to stick to the same seed varieties year after year, but after trying some new ones, I've seen a significant improvement in crop yield and quality. It's important to stay open-minded and adapt to new technologies and advancements in agriculture."

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