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Hatching Chicks from Eggs: Demonstration of Hatchery Operations

Amit Bhatt
Amit Bhatt
Rajnish Kumar - the Director

Rajnish Kumar, director of Sunil Singh Hatchery India Pvt LTD released his video on FTB. He said the hatchery based in Hajipur, Bihar was launched in 2004. 

They mainly deal with Broiler Vencobb 430 chicks. They also deal with desi varieties like Kadaknath, Sonali, Vanraja among others. He said any farmers interested in these varieties can contact him and purchase these. 

They also provide dairy products like milk and aim to provide organic manure. He said he is working towards increasing the productivity of his dairy farm and finding new markets for his dairy products.

He claimed that the business in these activities has been very profitable, so far. He then announced that he is going to take us to his hatchery unit. He launched this parent farm two years ago. He starts by showing us the boundary walls of his hatchery with a small board which has the name of hatchery on it. He said all of the chicks that they sell are produced here. 

Eggs and workers

He then takes us through the main gate and show us the different parts of the structures inside. He showed some structures with work in progress and Rajnish explains that they are constructing more structures to house more setters and hatching machines as he calls them. There is a big open park in the middle surrounded by buildings which are more like big halls. These exteriors have bicycles of the workers placed there around a few trees.

He then takes us inside one of these halls and shows us the incubator machines. He then shows the eggs placed inside the incubators. They buy Venky's eggs (Venky’s (India) Pvt Ltd) for hatching. The interiors of the hall are full of incubators with workers busily working on their tasks. He then shows the cartons and trays in which they receive the eggs. 


He then shows us the setters where the eggs are set. Then from the setters the eggs are transferred to the hatchers. He then introduced us to Mr Dina, the hatchery in-charge.  On being asked how many days the eggs are left in setter, before being moved to the hatcher, he replied till 19th day. On the 19th day  the eggs are transferred from setter to the hatcher. They show the newborn chicks inside the hatcher and grown chicks in a separate plastic shelter.

Rajnish and Dina then come holding small chicks in their hands and placing them on a raised platform. Dina explains that these are Vencobb 430 chicks, born today and tomorrow these will be in the market for sale. These will be bought by farmers who raise them for meat and eggs. 

He said maintaining cleanliness is very important in hatcheries as it is one of the factors for succeeding in this business. Dina then proudly show us the cardboard tray in which they package their products. Rajnish calls it wrapper. He shows us the company name on the cardboard and reads out the contact number of his hatchery - 8809411140 and speaks out another number for contacting the hatchery- 7779863068. He said anyone interested in purchasing chicks can contact him on these numbers.

They then show us the recently hatched Kadaknath chicks. These chicks are brought from the hatchers to the same raised platform. The broken egg shells and the black feathered birds can be seen clearly. Rajnish mentions that MS Dhoni, the now retired world cup winning captain is also growing Kadaknath chicks in his farm. He said that these birds will be ready in a day's time for sale in the market. Click here to see the video yourself.

Rajnish Kumar

Rajnish Kumar

Vaishali, Bihar

Owner of Sunil Singh Hatchery India Pvt. Ltd.

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