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6 Food Items You Should Never Consume with Milk

Milk is said to be a meal in itself. However, many people tend to combine it with other food items. There are some combinations of food items and milk that should be avoided. Let’s check them out.

Aarushi Chadha
Combining milk with fruits is generally not a good idea

Milk is an essential part of breakfast. Many people tend to drink milk first thing in the morning because it is a great source of animal protein and is loaded with essential nutrients that are important for maintaining our bones strong and even prevent us from diseases such as osteoporosis.

It is common for people to drink their glass of milk along with fruits, vegetables, or even cooked meals. However, certain food items are dangerous as they can react with the milk poorly and lead to digestive issues like acid reflux, bloating, excessive flatulence, nausea, fatigue, and cause general discomfort.

Let’s take a look at some foods that you should avoid consuming with your glass of milk.

Fish- Combining fish and milk should be avoided as it can result in digestive issues. Experts explain that people experience discomfort after eating fish and milk because fish is warmer in nature and milk has a cooling effect on our bodies. Together, these food items can cause a chemical imbalance in the body which can lead to bloating, stomach ache, and even skin allergies.

Banana- For years people have considered the combination of bananas with milk as a healthy combination that keeps us full for a long time. However, dieticians explain that the combination is not so healthy after all. This is because the combination of bananas and milk is very heavy for our body and it takes a long time for our body to digest it. This leads to fatigue. According to Ayurvedic beliefs, milk with banana releases harmful toxins in our body and slows down the digestive process. This combination can also lead to colds, coughs, and allergies.

Curd and cheese- According to Ayurvedic beliefs, milk should not be paired with curd, cheese, and other fermented products as these food items have drastically different characteristics than milk and can lead to infections and gut issues. It is believed that combining such foods together will block the channels of the body.

Melons- Combining milk with fruits is generally not a good idea. Melon and milk are unhealthy food combination that leads to digestive issues, vomiting, diarrhoea, and toxic buildup. This is because milk acts as a laxative in our body and melons have diuretic properties.

Citrus fruits- Did you know that adding something acidic to fresh milk makes it curdle? Generally, this technique is used to make cheese. When we consume milk with citrus fruits, we risk developing gas and heartburn as milk tends to coagulate on impact.

Radishes- Just like with fish, radish has a heating effect on our body. Consuming it with milk can delay digestion by interfering with the digestive process. It can also lead to other forms of discomfort. It is advised to eat radishes at least 2 hours after drinking milk or consuming other dairy products.

While these were some food items that should be avoided with milk, there are some food combinations that can be very beneficial. A couple of almonds eaten along with a glass of milk at night helps induce a good night’s sleep. Similarly, spices such as cinnamon, ginger, and turmeric can be added to milk at night as they exhibit anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that soothe the body, helps regulate body temperature, and even promote relaxation. 

Even though strawberries are a rich source of vitamin C, it is usually paired up with milk as it ensures quality sleep by regulating the sleep-wake cycle. This is because this combination is a rich source of vitamin B6 which regulates melatonin. And the vitamin C present in strawberry milk helps rejuvenate our skin overnight.

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