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Celebrate Janmashtami this year with Delicious Kaju and Pista Rolls

Ayushi Raina
Ayushi Raina
Kaju and Pista Roll

Janmashtami is approaching, and we're sure your excitement would be at an all-time high! So, if you're searching for a sweet way to celebrate the occasion, you should definitely try creating these delicious Kaju pista rolls!

Lord Krishna was born at midnight on the eighth day, or 'Ashtami,' of the holy month Shravana, and his birth is commemorated on Janmashtami.  

Janmashtami falls on the 30th of August this year (Monday). The devotees of Lord Krishna celebrate this holy day with great zeal. Because this event is so widely observed, many people get up early to prepare a variety of sweet and savory prasad recipies.

Traditionally, Kaju ki katli and pista barfis have been consumed separately. However, combining these two to make a delicious Kaju pista roll will make you weak in the knees.

The rich and indulgent flavor of this recipe is ideal for any occasion, and the best part is that it's simple to prepare.

3 Easy Steps to Make Kaju Pista Roll:

  • Let's begin by soaking the cashew nuts. The pista should be blanched next and the skin should be removed. Separately make a paste out of both of them.

  • Now add the sugar to the cashew nut and pista mixture. Cook separately until the sugar is melted, then add cardamom powder.

  • Take it out from the kadhai and roll it out into a sheet of cashew nut with pista in the centre. Garnish it with silver and serve.

How to Roll out the Kaju Dough?

1.A mixture of grated, blanched almonds or pistas, crumbled khoya, powdered sugar, and powdered elaichi should be made (you can vary filling according to taste, e.g. use pista).

After this roll out the dough using a rolling Pin.

2.Cut the rolled kaju into rectangles, place some filling of pista along the width of the rectangle and roll into cylindrical shapes, covering the filling completely.

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