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Cherry Vs. Berry- What Are the Significant Differences?

Have you also wondered about the difference between cherry and berry? Though they may appear similar they are quite different from one another. Read this article to find out the main differences between the two species.

Kritika Madhukar
Cherry comes in different colors, ranging from yellow to almost black.
Cherry comes in different colors, ranging from yellow to almost black.

Berries and cherries are pulpy fruits with juicy flesh in general. They comprise seeds, which are used in propagating and growing new plants. There are many significant similarities between the two, however, there are many distinctions also. Depending on the cultivar as well as the ripeness of the fruit, they both can be sweet or sour.


Cherry belongs to the genus Prunus. Cherry has a bulbous seedpod (stone fruit) that ranges in size from heart-shaped to well almost globular and is around 2 cm in diameter. The color of the cherry ranges from yellow to black. The sweet cherry has a low acid content. The sour cherry's higher acid content generates its unique tangy flavor.

The majority of cherry species are native to the Northern Hemisphere, where they are widely cultivated. In North America and Europe 10 to 12 species have been identified.  However, it appears that eastern Asia has the largest density of species.


A berry is just a simple bulbous fruit incorporating many seeds, such as a tomato. Berry being a simple fruit is developed from a single ovary of a single flower. The center and internal layers of the fruit wall are frequently indistinguishable. Berries, along with pomes and drupes, are one of the most common types of fleshy fruits. Berries are generally juicy, spherical, brightly colored, sweet, tangy, and savory. They lack a stone or pit. However, they might contain many seeds and pips in them. 

Small fleshy fruits are usually referred to as a berry, particularly if it is fit for human consumption. For instance, blackberries, strawberries, and raspberries are aggregate fruits, meaning they are made up of several relatively small fruits. Blueberries and cranberries, on the other hand, are botanical berries.

Cherry Vs. Berry: The Verdict

The major difference between berries and cherries is that berries comprise edible seeds, and since they are very small, one might not even acknowledge the presence of such seeds during consumption. Cherries, on the other hand, typically have a single seed that must not be ingested because they have a hard surface and can also be proven to be poisonous. 

Berries are consumed by both humans and animals. Many berries are widely recognized for their bright color as well as the distinct flavor which each variety has to offer. It is well known that no two berries have the same flavor. Some wild berries are highly poisonous to animals and even humans causing food poisoning or even death.

Cherries are fruits having a single seed or pit hidden within the fruit's pulp. They belong to the same fruit family as coconuts and mangoes.  Their flesh consists of many nutrients and has a distinct flavor with each mouthful. The juice of berries can be both sweet and sour based on how ripe the fruit is.

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