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Clean your Skin using this home made DIY Scrub this Winter

Chintu Das
Chintu Das

Did you goof up on your skincare schedule a little and now scared about the condition of your skin? Such things happen in our day-to-day life however, there is no need to stress. At a point when your makeup items don't work since you got trapped in the abrupt climate change and didn't switch your beauty care products for the impending season, minor skin issues happen. In any case, you can generally set that up with a decent homemade cure. 

Homemade cures are consistently there to spare you when your to-do items and routine choices have bombed you. In this way, if your skin is looking dull, missing moisture, has gotten exorbitantly sleek or is beginning to break out, there is one scrub that can reestablish all the balance to your skin. It will likewise ensure your skin is liberated from contaminations without being too brutal. Prepared using baking soda and honey, this scrub will leave your skin completely purified, moisturised and liberated from skin inflammation causing microbes all with a perfect glow.

Baking soda is a stunning skin exfoliator as it adjusts your skin while pulling out even the most profound and deep contaminations. It is likewise antibacterial making it a perfect solution to apply for your skin break out. Honey's mitigating properties likewise help with calming skin inflammation inclined skin. It delicately moisturizes and won't trouble sensitive skin. Furthermore, everybody knows of how great turmeric is for your skin. A touch of it is sufficient to give your skin enough antioxidant agents it needs and will likewise help support the glow of your skin.

DIY Scrub Ingredients:

- Baking soda (1 teaspoon)

- Honey (1 teaspoon) 

- Turmeric (1 Pinch)


  • Mix all the above mentioned ingredients in a bowl to get a grainy paste.

  • First dampen your skin and then massage the formed mixture onto your face.

  • Then scrub your face in circular motions and then rinse it off with lukewarm water.

  • Pat dry using a towel and apply a light and gentle skin moisturiser or maybe skin serum.

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