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Ever heard of Corn Silk; Read to find out about its health benefits and much more

Chintu Das
Chintu Das
Corn Silk

Many of us do not know about corn silk or simply ignore its presence while taking the husk out of a fresh corn. Corn silk is the thread like material that grows on the inside of the husk or cover of the corn. This thin hair material is golden in colour and generally ranges between 4 to 8 inches in length. They help in pollination and aid in the growth of the kernel. Like every plant that is edible, corn also provides nutrition and possesses a lot of health benefits. Corn silk has been used as a medicine in China to treat diseases like prostate problems, UTIs, malaria, diseases related to heart etc. 

Corn silk is mostly dried and is consumed in the form of tea or extract. Sometimes people do consume it as a pill also. 

Let’s check the major health benefits of consuming corn silk: 

- Maintains sugar levels: 

Chinese people have been using corn silk to control sugar levels in the body for ages. Some of the studies have shown positive results for increase in insulin levels which helps in controlling hyperglycemia. Also there is positive recovery seen in the case of B cells of the pancreas that are injured, that’s where insulin is produced. 

- Reduces hypertension: 

Hypertension is the disease most of the people of this world are suffering from and it is the main catalyst for heart problems and strokes. Studies show that adding corn silk in your diet can reduce blood pressure in your body by removing surplus fluid from the body. In addition, it also retains the action of ACE (angiotensin-converting enzyme), which in return reduces your blood pressure. 

The extract from corn silk also reduces overall cholesterol but mostly the bad part i.e. LDL. On the contrary, it increases the good cholesterol i.e. HDL. 

- Improves renal health: 

Renal system of your body will benefit the most if you include corn silk in your diet. When we talk about the renal system it comprises your kidney, bladder, urinary system, prostate etc. In the medieval age, people used to eat corn silk to cure problems with bedwetting, kidney stones, infections of the urinary track, diuretic etc. Studies have shown corn silk usage soothes the bladder lining and urinary tubes and helps in better urine secretion and curtails irritation. Additionally, it also improves prostate problems and reduces the chances of stone formation. 

- Rich in antioxidants: 

The amount of antioxidants in corn silk is immense and flavonoids form the major chunk of it. Antioxidants help your body in managing oxidative stress and reduce your chances of developing cardiovascular diseases. Additionally, it fights free radicals and also improves the immunity of the body and helps you fight several common diseases such as flu etc.  

- Controls weight: 

Studies have shown positive results in reducing the formation of fat cells in the body. Corn silk also helps in breaking down fat cells at a rapid rate. Overall lessening of fat cells in the body leads to better management of one's weight.  

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