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Foods That Can Protect You from Severe Air Pollution and Smog; List of Do’s and Don’ts

Pronami Chetia
Pronami Chetia
Foods to beat delhi air pollution

Chilly wintery days are here and nature has worn its foggy dress along with cold veils. Although it’s the most awaited season of the year, but dust, pollution, and heavy smog have turned this season into most worse for the National Capital. The severe smog in the Delhi-NCR has made the life of Delhiites horrible and tough to survive. So it’s quite important to keep alerted and save yourself from the harmful effects of smog which is becoming worse day by day. As it is said that ‘Prevention is better than cure’, it's time to implement this phrase into our lives.  As we can't do much to reduce dangerous air pollution but we can decrease the harmful impact of pollution in our body. While we can’t purify the air, we can cleanse our bodies to some extent and save ourselves from toxic pollution.  

After speaking to Health experts and doctors, we have prepared some dos and don’ts to survive in the severe Delhi air pollution.  

Best Foods to Beat Air Pollution

A good diet can improve your immunity and protect you to a certain extent from the ill-effects of extreme air pollution. Your diet needs to be especially rich in nutrients and food items that help detoxify, are anti-inflammatory and improve immunity. Dietary antioxidants can help provide protection by controlling free radical damage leading to inflammation”, says the health experts. 

Delhi pollution

Vitamin C-rich foods 

Vitamin C-rich foods like amla, guava, lemon, mausambi, oranges, etc are advised to eat to a full extent as it can clean and detoxify your body. 

Vitamin E  

Vitamin E is known as a strong antioxidant and food source of it including sunflower seeds, almonds, avocadoes, peanuts, bran oil, salmon, pine nuts, brazil nuts, etc. One should include these foods in the diet. 

Beta Carotene 

Beta Carotene, which is the precursor of Vitamin A, also exhibits antioxidant properties. Foods like dark green leafy vegetables, orange, and yellow-colored vegetables and fruits are rich in Beta Carotene. Omega 3 fatty acid-rich foods including fatty fish (salmon and mackerel) cod liver oil, flaxseeds; chia seeds, walnuts, etc are advised to eat to beat the pollution. 


Warm Milk with Honey 

A warm cup of milk with a few drops of honey can help you to clean your intestines and blockade. 


Warm Lemon Juice  

Lemon Juice in hot water can help you to detoxify your body. 

The plant that Keep Your Home Pollution Free

Aloe Vera- You can make it an indoor plant that is sun-loving. You can keep it inside your house to reduce indoor air pollution. 

Spider Plant- Yes. Spider plants do exist which can beat indoor air pollution. Snake plants, bamboo palm, and Warneck Dracaena also can help you. 

Tips to Save Yourself from Air Pollution 

  • You should be aware of the pollution in your surroundings and remember that your safety is in your hands.

  • You should avoid exercising outdoors when pollution levels are high. Avoid going out for a walk on the roads when the temperature is low.

  • Keep the energy levels in your home as minimum as possible. Limit the usage of appliances.

  • School going children should avoid playing on grounds when the air is cool. Their exposure to school bus emissions should also be reduced.

  • It's better to walk, cycle or carpool instead of using one vehicle per person for traveling.

  • Don't burn wood or trash or firecrackers. This is one of the most important things to keep in mind while blaming air pollution.

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